Ducati: E-City 28″


Amongst the most adaptable of Ducati’s fleet, the E-City combines the versatility of a step-through with the ease of use of an electric bike. It’s as happy pootling around the park as it is taking you to and from work.

Looking for something for the school run? The E-City is ideal! The centrally mounted Bosch Active Line power unit conquers the most brutal of hills, pulling the weight of your little one and their child seat, toys and accoutrements along with you.

There are lights both front and rear, plus a sturdy built-in rack which doubles-up as both the battery store and pannier support. Great for summmertime picnics and the daily shop in equal measure! The suspension fork and squidgy seat, chainguard, mudguards and raised seating position make for an extremely comfortable ride too (especially in regular clothes, a suit or a dress).

Plus, the power unit offers the same 250W maximum power output and 25Kph top speed as all street-legal electric bikes, so it’ll keep up with every other electric bike. It sports the logo from the 50’s and 60’s too, so remains beautifully understated.

Time to swap the family car for a Ducati? We certainly agree!!!

Ducati E-City YMZ907
Matt Graphite or Pearl White
City Unisex 28″
Suntour CR8V
Internal (Nexus 7)
FSA Metropolis Bosch Gen 2 Lee-Chi TX-121 BK
Spectra 622 Alu
Spectra 700 x 37C
Spectra City Crispo
Bosch Gen 2 Active Cruise Bosch Li-Ion Rack 400W
50km (Turbo) => 135km (Eco)

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