Taga: 2.0


Taga’s worldwide sensation reaches version 2.0, with a larger set of wheels and more fixtures than before. There’s even a rack-mounted water cannon. We approve

The 2.0 comes in two versions: Classic and Electric

The Classic model is the lightest and provides all of the flexibility of a trike for the school run. Simplicity is often underrated and this is ideal if most of your journeys are a mile or so each way

The Electric model is boosted by a street-legal electric motor, which conquers the most daunting of hills with ease. A fully-loaded bike with two kids on-board is considerably heavier than a road racer, so the motor makes perfect sense… Lavender Hill, Southfields and Wimbledon: bring it on!!!

Taga 2.0 guidelines *:
• Parent: up to 110kg
• Rear seat: up to 35kg/138cm, circa 8 years old
• Front seat: up to 23kg/120cm, circa 5 years old
• Cargo: up to 70kg (including extra load on top)

* We recommend that your youngest child is stable enough to stand up unsupported before you use the main seats and that you avoid bumpy terrain (6 months+). You can use a car seat from 3 months onwards, however it’s important that you ride more gently with your little ones aboard than you would on a regular bike

Availability: Order now for delivery in July (ready for back to school)


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