Yuba: Boda Boda V3 Cargo Bike


The Boda Boda V3 is a compact, sturdy and adaptable package: from the school run to grabbing a pint of milk, it can be many things to different people. Just add up to 100kg (220lbs) on the rear rack and off you go!

It’s greatest strength is the short wheelbase. Whilst the Boda Boda offers a rear rack long enough for two kids, it can still be parked easily. The ability to slot it into a regular bike rack (including many vertical storage solutions), is a boon. It is just 186cm long, which is less than a lot of conventional bicycles.

With the option of a Yepp child seat, Ring/Padded Seat and/or Monkey Bars on the rear, plus a Bread Basket available to go up front, you can expand and extend ever further. You may find the Yepp seat remains in place for a guest, or that the Padded Seat welcomes more passengers than you expected at first?

Moreover, the Yuba staples of a dependable rear rack with side rails means that you can pop a suitcase, second bike, massive panniers and/or sundry items on the back/side/both without too much effort. This turns daily possibilities into fun rather than hurdles. Boda Boda was also designed to accommodate both parents, so remains a terrific family bike.


• Suits a rider height of 145-200cm (4’8″-6’5″)
• Choose from a Step-Thru or Step-Over frame
• Light aluminum Frame
• Chromoly fork
• Oversized 1.5″ headtube for a stronger ride
• Hauls up to 100kg (220 lbs) PLUS the rider!
• Weighs in at just 18kg (41lbs)


• Disc brakes
• Full coverage fenders
• Wheelskirts included
• Side stand
• Removable side loading bars (passenger and cargo support)
• Quality Freedom rolling tyres 26″ × 2.15″


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