Babboe:  Slim Mountain Series

Babboe: Slim Mountain Series

Fancy a scoot around your favourite trail with your kiddos in full view? Well now you can! The Babboe Slim Mountain takes their tried and tested ‘Long John’ formula to the dirt and beyond. With the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor and Enviolo shifting system, you can enjoy a very natural ride. The motor multiplies the effort you put in as you pedal and you can dial up the gear ratio as you see fit: there is no gear as such, just a simple twist of the handlebar to transition from the lowest to the highest ratio. There are a mixture… Read more →

Babboe:  City Series

Babboe: City Series

Babboe’s City Series takes the two-wheel ‘Longjohn’ formula to a whole new level, offering forward facing twin seats for 2 Kiddos as standard in both manual and electric versions and a sturdy European beech box. Each model include lights, mudguards and a chain guard, a broad centre stand and a comfortable saddle which can be adjusted to suit riders of between 157-198cm tall, plus Schwalbe’s Big Apple tyres. Each model can also fit a secondary bench to seat 4, making the City Series ideal for larger families looking for a narrower option than Babboe’s trikes. This can really help with… Read more →

Babboe:  Go Series

Babboe: Go Series

The Go and Go-E are Babboe’s newest additions, featuring a forward facing bench for two kids, a front door for ease of access, along with their tried and tested rear subframe in electric and manual versions. The Series incorporates the turning box formula enjoyed across most of Babboe’s fleet in beech, with your cargo stretching out to each wheel. This guarantees the maximum amount of storage space and passenger comfort, whilst also staying under 90cm wide so you can slide through garden gates and similar obstacles with ease. Gear shifting duties are spread neatly across a useful 7-Speed system, with… Read more →

Babboe:  Curve Series

Babboe: Curve Series

The Babboe Curve is a beautifully stable and elegant Family Cargo Bike, designed to nip around town with 1-4 kids up front. It comes with a round-edged box equipped with handles for the kiddos to grab hold of (and steps to clamber up), plus the option of a cheeky little motor to whoosh past conventional traffic! With seven gears and a 100kg weight limit for your cargo, this is a terrific option for the school run, shopping trips and picnics in the park over the weekend alike. There is a front light built-in to the steps, with LEDs and a… Read more →

Babboe:  Carve Series

Babboe: Carve Series

The Carve Series are the feisty combination of a dependable Family Cargo Bike with the ability to tilt into corners, whilst keeping all three wheels on the ground. With all of the options in the series fitted with motors, each and every ride is as energised as the rider and cargo in equal measure. Whilst the tilting mechanism allows experienced riders to lean into corners as though the Carve was on two wheels, the cargo area can be fixed in to position with a simple twist of a lever. This suits less experienced riders, as well as leveling the playing… Read more →

Babboe:  Big Series

Babboe: Big Series

The original Babboe Big first hit the streets over a decade ago, taking over the Netherlands almost overnight. The formula has stayed true to it’s roots and the Big remains a cornerstone of Dutch Family life. The Big & Big-E have rolled with the times too. Retaining amongst the most capacious cargo boxes of all time, the Big series can fit up to 4 kids up front, which means you will have ample space for collecting an impromptu guest (or three), plus some shopping on the way home from work. “Babboe Bakfiets was founded in 2006 as an initiative by… Read more →


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