Hiplok: V1.50


‘Wearable technologies’ are getting a lot of positive press lately and we agree, they can be great! The Hiplok is a perfect example of the natural progression from low-tech to high-tech: for years people have struggled to balance their locks around their waists as they ride. Afterall, a chain slopping about on your bike is bound to either damage your frame or snag a wheel, jam the fork, or worse.

So how does the Hiplok differ? Simply put, it adds a velcro strap around the length of the chain. Instead of ‘jiggling about’ on the off-chance that your 110cm chain might fit your 99cm waist, simply wrap it around your waist and adjust the velcro until it’s comfortable. Just like a belt. It’s that simple. Yes, really!

At 90cm it’s long enough to secure most frame/rear wheel combo’s to the nearest secure lamp-post, railing or ‘Sheffield Stand’. Paired with the equally amazing Hiplok D, it could be the last lock you ever buy.

Security Rating:
Sold Secure Silver Award

Product Specification:
8mm hardened steel chain
Removable 600d outer sleeve with colourful logo and buckle

Padlock / Buckle:
10mm hardened steel shackle
Steel lock body with brass mechanism
Impact resistant, super tough nylon case
3 Keys included

Other Vitals:
Waist Sizing: Minimum 24″/Maximum 44″

Locking circumference:

1.8Kg/4 lbs


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