Muvi: X-Drone, Ready to Fly Remote Controlled Drone


There are a dozen different ways to capture your ride, most of which involve strapping a camera onto your helmet, body or bike. Whilst these certainly provide an exciting onboard viewpoint, often the footage can turn out to be too jerky for a whole film. Which is where a remote camera comes in: it can capture every contour and every bump, without bringing any undesirable vibrations with it.

Drone-mounted cameras have become extremely popular lately, with the level of quality rising by the season. Muvi’s X-Drone takes this very platform, sheds quite a bit of weight and provides what most of us are looking for: a sleek, efficient, powerful, self-contained and useable drone.

X-Drone: Remote controlled Muvi-maker

The inbuilt Muvi camera captures your footage in Full HD at 1080p (amongst other output options), whilst the flight time is a tidy 20 minutes per removable battery. The pack is a 5,300mAh Li-Po battery and the largest on the market. Simply eject and replace to continue flying.

Meanwhile the remote control is a beautifully physical affair, with both iOS and Android’s extended capabilities accessed via the phone mount. Which means you can use the sticks you’re used to for flight control, then tap the screen as and when required. Live viewing is projected onto the screen, so you can get a bird’s eye view from the drone in realtime too.

X-Drone + remote control + an exchangeable battery = cinematic gold?


MUVI X-Drone:
Battery: 5300 mAh LiPo
Weight: 1.4kg/3.09lbs
Hover Accuracy: Horizontal: 2.5m – 8.2ft/s – Vertical: 0.8m – 2.62ft
Maximum tilt angle: 30°
Maximum climb/descent: Climb: 6m/s – 19.69ft/s – Descend: 4m/s – 13.12ft/s
Maximum flight speed: 20m/s – 65.62ft/s (not recommended)
Wheelbase: 450mm/1.48ft
Flight time: 20 minutes

Ambient operating: 0-50°C/32-122°F
Sensor size: 1/2.3
Photo resolution: 16 mega pixels
Video Resolution: 1080p, 960p, 720p, 480p
Frame rate: 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 100, 120fps
(dependant on PAL or NTSC setting)
Video recording format: MOV (H.264 codec)
Photo format: JPG

Remote Control:
Data transfer: 500m (1640ft)
Battery life: 8 hours
Operating current/voltage: 150mA/6V
Battery: 4 x AA batteries

Smartphone Range Extender:
Operating frequency: 2.4GHz
Communication distance: 300m/948ft (open field)
Transmitting power: <=17dBm Power consumption: 1.5W

Veho’s 4-Part X-Drone Series

Key Features:

• Incredibly easy and ready to fly within minutes
• Perfect for camera enthusiasts with little or no prior flying experience
• Film full HD 1080p videos @ 30fps
• Capture still photography at 16mega pixels
• Built-in microSD card reader
• 64GB memorycard ready, allowing up to 260 minutes of video or 11,000+ images
• Large 5,300mAh removable and rechargeable Li-Po battery
• 20 minutes flight time with battery status indicator
• Free Wi-Fi iOS or Android APP to allow live-view streaming and remote recording
• Up to 300 metres range when using with the smartphone range extender
• Advanced GPS system allowing you to maintain altitude and orientation with flight control
• Automatic return to home and landing

Box Contents:

• X-Drone
• Propellers
• Propeller Guards
• Controller
• Smartphone Range Extender
• Smartphone Mount
• X-Drone Battery
• X-Drone Battery Charger
• Smartphone Range Extended Adapter
• Tool Set (Screwdriver and Wrench)
• Screw for Smartphone Range Extender
• M3 x 12 Screws
• Controller Strap

Veho X-Drone: Introduction, Specifications and ‘What’s in the Box’



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