If you’re planning on fitting a custom rack to the front of your beloved VANMOOF, you’ll need one of these too! It’s the rack’s standard bracket and fits all rack-mounted options so you can chop and change in the future.

The best thing about this, is the variety of racks it enable you to create! All across the Netherlands people personalise their bicycles by adding boxes and crates. Wooden boxes, plastic bread bins and cages abound. What floats your boat?

Here are some wonderful examples:

We recommend that whatever you choose, it’s sturdy enough to support it’s contents without relying on the rack for structural strength. Also, you must ensure that your contribution doesn’t interfere with the steering, brakes, pedals or front light!

The pack includes the extension cable required to move the front light onto the rack, plus the bolts to attach it to your frame. Installation instructions are included.


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