Visijax: World’s Most Advanced Electronic Cyclewear.


Extraordinary jacket
Visijax® is a revolutionary cycling jacket packed with the latest technologies and meticulously designed for you in order to significantly enhance your visibility and safety on public roads. Visijax® combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional high visibility rainproof jacket design to join the cause of making cycling easier and safer. Visijax® is the best all-in-one cycling companion.

Revolutionary motion-activated turning system
With integrated high intensity LEDs, motion-activated signalling system iMASSTM, rainproof and breathable fabric, all-round ventilation and the conveniance of one-touch operation, Visijax® is the ultimate commuter cyclewear.

Visijax® is the prime example of how technology can help to improve our day-to-day life. More critically it was designed with a single focus-to improve the visibility and safety of cyclists.

As we gradually come to terms with the environmental impact of our traditional way of transport, and as cities become more and more crowded, cycling has once again become one of the most popular means of commuting. However the different running speeds of cycles and motorised vehicles mean that cyclists need enhanced protection more than ever.

Designed in England, Visijax® was set out to be a class-leading example of cycle safety wears. Every detail of Visijax® was carefully designed, chosen and road tested.

From the waterproof yet breathable fabric to computer-controlled high-intensity LED lights-only the best components were used to make Visijax®.

State-of-the art sensor and LED technology were used to promote ultimate cycling safety. Every Visijax® sports a computer circuit board controlling the motion sensors, high intensity LED lights and performs power management.

You will feel the attention to details when you first wear a Visijax® and you will appreciate the additional visibility and safety benefits every minute of your riding.

Visijax was reviewed by Spencer Kelly on BBC Click on the 14th of April 2012.

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