Yuba Accessories: Bread Basket (V3), Liner and Quick Release


Bread Basket (V3) With Liner

The Bread Basket takes the idea of bike basket to a whole new level. Designed to hold two cases of beer or two bags of groceries and rated for 50 pounds of cargo, the Bread Basket is no slacker. Designed for Strength, the Bread Basket bolts directly to the frame of Yuba Bikes. It is extremely stable while riding, because it does not turn with the handlebars. On top you get a net which you can stretch over the top of the basket to secure your groceries, bags, cats, dogs…

• This Bread Basket is compatible for Mundo V5, V4, Boda Boda V3, V2 and Spicy Curry.

Bread Basket (V3) Liner-only

This version is available in the color brown and is compatible with all Bread Basket versions. The material consists of extremely tear-proof and robust. The reinforced bottom gives your cargo additional support.

Bread Basket Quick Release

Take a load off, quick. Introducing new Quick Release skewers for mounting the Bread Basket to your Yuba Cargo Bike. Now you can install or uninstall your Bread Basket with the turn of a quick release.

• Durable 6mm diameter steel skewers
• Two cam washers for use with and without the Roots Kickstand
• Compatible with Mundo V5, Boda Boda V3 and Spicy and Sweet Curry bikes. They can also be used on the Boda Boda V2 with a couple of spacers and the Mundo V4 with spacers and a slight frame modification.




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