Velocite: Noir 50 Wheelset


Velocite Noir full carbon tubular wheels offer the best combination of very light weight and high strength and have been used at the highest level of competition worldwide from triathlons to professional road races.


Monocoque unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber composite.
Self locking Alpina ABS nipples to prevent spontaneous spoke unwinding
Low ductilty Pillar PSR 1420 stainless steel spokes
Velocite OS15 hubs using a floating bearing design for minimal drag
Class leading rim stiffness
Quick release skewers, brake pads spare spokes and nipples are included
Weights: Front wheel 538g, rear wheel 717g

Rear Wheel details:
Monocoque unidirectional (UD) carbon fiber composite.
Matte clear coat 50mm profile front 90mm profile rear wheel, 21mm wide
Advanced technology full carbon tubular wheels in 22mm, 38mm, 50mm and 90mm profiles.

Front Wheel details:
Matte clear coat 50mm profile, 21mm wide
Advanced technology full carbon tubular wheels in 38mm, 50mm and 90mm profiles.

IMPORTANT! Only use the brake pads supplied by Velocite. Using any other brake pads will void your warranty and may damage your rims.

The Velocite Noir wheels are developed for amateur and professional racers, with the following design priorities:
The wheels must be able to handle high rider power output
The wheels must be easy to service and maintain
The wheels should remain true for as long as possible

The revised carbon fiber layup uses the highest grade carbon fiber prepreg that is currently available anywhere. This will allow you to transfer even more of your power into forward motion and will enhance your handling and cornering feel. The rims are made using the high compression molding process (HCM) in induction heated molds in a computer controlled environment resulting in the best possible rim strength and uniformity.

The Noir wheels utilise 2-cross lacing on both drive and non-drive side which ensures that at every pedal stroke there are several spokes transferring your power into motion, without windup.

The OS15 hubs use a 10mm front axle and a 15mm rear axle in oversize hub bodies to minimise the hub flex and are user servicable.

To reduce the chance of the wheels going out of true we use special Alpina ABS alloy nipples with a nylon insert that effectively locks the spoke and prevents it from unwinding under cyclical loads, without gluing it in place.

Spokes are likewise special in that they have lower than usual ductility. This makes them less likely to spontaneously elongate under load meaning that the wheel should not go out of true even after hitting larger bumps since the spokes will not stretch.






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