X1 Pro: High-torque eBike kit


With an industry leading 180Nm of torque, the X1 Pro is designed to pull far more than it’s weight. This street-legal kit is supplied for British use at 250W/25Kph, so will never break a sweat. It is ideally suited for family and similar cargo bikes, as well as heavily loaded commuter models.

It is this scope which ensures that the motor can run efficiently for daily use, including when pulling 250kg up a hill at full speed.

The X1 Pro comes in one 219H heavy duty chain drive model for centralised mounting. It is compatibile with most bicycles, however we recommend you only upgrade a sturdy frame!

When unleashed to it’s full potential (only on private land, with the land owner’s permission), the X1 Pro can be programmed to ‘ludicrous’ mode and put out an astonishing 5,000W. This is ideal for hotrodding and eMTB applications with one experienced rider – not for popping to the shops with the kids, or equivalent/road use.

The torque sensor, sinewave controller and 9-Axis gyroscope are matched with a 30-60V 65A input and SPINTROL Drone Tech Chips. Premium Splined ISIS bottom bracket options include 68-120mm too. There’s even a Type-C Phone Charger and Bluetooth connectivity. All this makes for a highly capable system, which includes an App offering extended display and calibration options, plus ‘Virtual Racing’ (supported by both iOS and Android).

The 180Nm of torque the X1 Pro delivers is substantial, especially when considering the Ducati 1199 Panigale is capable of just 133Nm! Torque sensing ensures that even the most subtle variations of input can be reflected in output, making for a smooth and consistent ride in all conditions.

X1 Pro Chain (219H): extended chassis:

The X1 Pro’s extended chassis and chain drive opens up alternative mounting positions for cargo bikes, including locating the motor directly above the bottom bracket and behind the seat tube. This keeps the drive unit both centralised and viable for many ‘long tail’ and ‘long john’ cargo bikes. You can also mount under the bike, as long as you have sufficient ground clearance to clear speed bumps.

With downhill and full suspension mountain bikes, the longer chassis ensures the unit will not bottom out, or get tangled up in the rear suspension. You can also bypass a variety of different shapes of tubing around the bottom bracket, which allows the same system to be swapped between different bikes over time.


Generation 2 Model, 2020
Rated Voltage: 30-72 (20s) DCV
Max. rpm: >180 rpm
Rated Power: 5,000W
Max Torque: ≥180 N.m
Overall efficiency: ≥ 80%
Bottom bracket: ISIS splined
Color: Space Grey and Red
Total Weight: 3.5 kg
Bracket Materials: 7075-T6
Crank Arm: 7075-T6 170 mm
Q Factor: 170 mm
Compatibility: Bike frame with standard BB thread and width of 68/73/83/100/120mm

E-Brake Cut-off:
Wiring: Magnetic sensor for hydraulic brake levers
Display: Basic Display/Waterproof wired
Throttle: Thumb Throttle/36 poles PAS for ISIS splined BB
Sensors: Torque PAS

First-stage/Second-stage: 1:6 hardened steel planetary
Overall reduction ratio: 1:6 Gear / 1:6 219H Chain (1:36)

Motor type: In-runner
Stator O.D.: 80 mm
Stator I.D.: 46.4 mm
Thickness: 40 mm
Stator lamination: 0.2 mm
Magnet: N45SH (>150’C)
Wiring: 0.7 mm
Efficiency: ≥ 90%
Maximum RPM: ≥ 6500 rpm
Rated Torque: ≥ 4N.M.
Transparent cover: Tempered glass
Eproxy sealed: Yes

Chipset: Spintrol
Rated Voltage: 30-60DCV
Max. input current: 65A
Bluetooth: BLE
Mobile App: IOS / Android
Throttle Control mode: Current/Power/Rpm
PAS Torque simulation: 9-Axis gyroscope
Mounting position: Integrated between bracket/mounted separately

Bottom bracket compatibility:



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