8Freight: Cargo Bike


Designed and built by Mike Burrows, the 8Freight is considered by those in the know to provide the template for the ultimate cargo bike. With it’s low down weight, light and sturdy aluminium frame plus a massive load capacity, it’s everything you’ll need and a whole lot more.

The 8Freight was inspired by the Vietcong, who used long bicycles to transport their gear down the Ho Chi Minh trail. This applies as readily to shifting your weekly shopping and sundries, or surfboards and ladders, to kegs and kids! It’ll happily handle 2.5 times it’s own weight too (max: 5x).

20″ Wheels

Smaller wheels are both stable and dependable, which is why they are a clear choice. Cargo bikes need to be tough and maneuverable, so a small wheel is as applicable to shifting weight around town as it is on a BMX in a skatepark.

With the gearing to match, acceleration is fast and predictable too. Mounting one-sided hubs also means that you can change a puncture without removing the wheel (especially useful if the bike is already fully loaded!).

7000-Series Aluminium

To guarantee that your 20Kg 8Freight can routinely carry 50Kg onboard in complete safety, the strongest commercially-available aluminium alloy is used. Even with the maximum capacity of 100Kg loaded into it’s central cargo bay, this material ensures that your bike remains light, as well as predictable and rust-free.

60cm Overall Width

Width is only 60cm so that you can cut through traffic as if you were on a standard bicycle. The logic is simple: if you see a gap which you can fit through without your elbows touching the sides, then the 8Freight will make it through too. In Central London, this is extremely commonplace.

Bike to School, then Bike to Work

The 8Freight is now available with Cycle2Work Professional ©. So if you were wondering how to make the jump from commuting solo, to including the school run, then this is it!

How does it work? Well, much the same as before. Your employer must allow the hire of the 8Freight to continue during maternity leave, plus the underlying salary sacrifice arrangement must cooperate with any Enhanced Maternity Pay (not Statutory Maternity Pay/SMP), as SMP cannot be reduced under any circumstances. So you can in effect treat a cycle to work purchase as you would have before your little ones arrived!



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