Babboe: Big & Electric


What do you get when a group of Parents decide to develop a Family Cargo Bike together? The Babboe, that’s what. Back in 2006, this is exactly what resulted in Holland’s best selling Cargo Bike.

What they were looking for was something which could handle all manner of combinations of Kids, pets, groceries and toys, as well as anything else which might ‘turn up’, like fishing rods (and extra Kids), mud pies and still keep the whole Family rolling as before.

It’s Big …and it’s Clever

One area which many overlook in their Cargo Bike purchasing stage, is whether or not to ‘go electric’. It is after-all a Utility vehicle rather than a Road Bike, so it also needs to be useful when Grandparents step-in too. Which means they need to be able to ride it as well as you!

Electric assist is just that: you still need to steer, pedal, look where you’re going etc., however the motor adds a little boost to get you away from traffic lights just that bit faster, as well as to push you along just as your own Parents did when you started to cycle yourself: particularly useful up steep hills, of that there’s no doubt!!!


Cargo Bike model: Three Wheels
Gears: 7 Speed derailleur
Number of children: Standard for 2-4 toddlers
Cargo Bike: Length 217 cm – width 88 cm – height 110 cm
Box: Length 90 cm – width 58 cm – 53 cm height
Tyre size: 26″ x 2.125″ rear wheel and 20″ x 2.125″ front wheels
Load: Up to 100 kg
Brakes: Shimano roller brakes rear, drum brakes front
Lock: Abus ring lock
Spokes / Rims: Extra sturdy spokes
Lights: LED lights front (two headlights) and one rear light
Frame: Size: 50

Extra sturdy frame provided with shockproof powder coating, the inside is provided with an extra coat

Colour of the Box: Wood Colour
Material of the Box: European (Latvian) Birch concrete plywood. The panels are composed of 9 layers of birch veneer of which one in every two layers is glued and finished with phenolic resin. The edges are treated with a crosscut wood sealant, giving the sheets a better level of protection

Pedal assistance: Yes
Type of Motor/Battery: Motor: 250W/24V 10A lithium-lon polymer
Range: 40-60 km (real range depends on the amount the battery is charged, the battery maintenance, tyre pressure, the quality of the road/terrain and the effort of the rider)
Charge time: Completely empty to full in 4 hours


• Fitted with anti-tip system
• Two folding benches (for 4 children)
• 4 three-point seat belts
• Saddle load of 100kg
• Step up for Children
• Steering dampers
• Handlebar is height-adjustable

The Babboe Big & Electric is available in one colour and comes in one standard model. We can provide you with additional batteries and other Spares and Accessories and these are listed/quoted separately. Note that the Electric model includes a Battery tucked under the rear rack, which is not shown in the current photo.

Any questions? Just ask!


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