Babboe: Slim Mountain Series


Fancy a scoot around your favourite trail with your kiddos in full view? Well now you can! The Babboe Slim Mountain takes their tried and tested ‘Long John’ formula to the dirt and beyond.

With the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor and Enviolo shifting system, you can enjoy a very natural ride. The motor multiplies the effort you put in as you pedal and you can dial up the gear ratio as you see fit: there is no gear as such, just a simple twist of the handlebar to transition from the lowest to the highest ratio.

There are a mixture of seating options for children of different ages using the cushion set with lap belts, the central rail also mounts two Yepp Seats or a Maxi-Cosi Carrier. The bay is completely surrounded by protective side bars and there is also a twin kickstand for loading/unloading.

The inline seating position helps to keep the weight of your kiddos down low and is easier to balance than most regular bicycles: you’ll feel like you’re all part of a Bobsleigh team taking on the world together! The 65cm handlebar is the widest point, so you can also nip through most gaps and roll into regular hallways too.

Whilst the focus is on opening up dirt tracks like those around Richmond Park, the Slim Mountain Series also float over potholes and shoddy road surfaces with ease. Combined with the narrow chassis, this makes for a Family Cargo Bike to take on all that London has to dish out!


Assembled dimensions: 255 x 65 x 110cm
Tyre size: Schwalbe Big Apple 26 inch rear wheel, 20 inch front wheel
Box load capacity: 80kg
Saddle load capacity: 100kg
Certification: TÜV
Frame: Extra sturdy, anthracite-coloured frame with shockproof powder coating, treated on the inside to prevent rusting
Colour frame: Anthracite
Box material: The bottom panel consists of European beech wood, pressed in a curved shape for extra sturdyness and rounded corners for safety (no sharp points). The wooden box is PEFC-certified (European Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
Bench: 1 bench for 2 children
Belts: 2 belts
Yepp Seats: the central rail includes two ‘EasyFit’ windows for attaching two child seats securely
Maxi-Cosi: Special Maxi-Cosi carrier available separately
Handlebar: Height adjustable, aluminium handlebars
Brakes: Front: disc brake | Rear: disc brake
Lock: ART approved Trelock ring lock with possibility for cable lock
Spokes: Extra sturdy spokes
Rims: Double walled front and rear rims of Weinmann
Lightning: AXA LED lights front and rear – Power supply via battery
Saddle height: Height adjustable saddle with quick release, suitable for people with a height between 157-198cmm
Gears: Nuvinci 330 – stepless shifting system


Action radius: 40-60km
Battery: 500Wh
Battery location: Battery is attached under the bench
Charging time: From completely empty to completely charged: 4-6 hours.
Motor: Yamaha mid-engine, 250W, 70Nm torque (peak 80Nm)
Battery charger: 2A



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