Ducati: TT


The 2017 Ducati TT is undoubtedly the boldest, bravest and most brutal model in the series. It’s hard to put into words what this beast looks like in the flesh, other than to say that it is so much more than the sum of it’s parts. That’s even before you get the ride it…

At first glance, there’s the colour: Ducati Racing Red. Available only on Ducati’s MotoGP, Superbike, TT and 400R, it has the vibrancy brought out by a fine coat of red paint over a yellow base. It comes alive in bright sunshine, just as all Ducati paint jobs do, it’s so much more than red

Then there’s the tech: Bosch’s most powerful Performance Line CX motor puts out 75Nm, paired with their biggest battery at 500Wh. Full suspension, naturally. A 140mm travel lockable fork upfront, 4-bar Horst link suspension on the rear. The 10x drivetrain paired with SRAM hydraulic brakes with 200mm and 180mm discs keep everything under control

Whilst reassuringly easy to tame on the first ride, it’s only when you overtake your first analogue rider that you begin to realise how capable this digital Ducati really is – yet by then, you’ve overtaken a couple more riders and begin to feel the TT get into it’s stride

There’s very little we’ve thrown the TT at so far which has come close to testing it the the full. What really sets it apart is that however hard you ride it, it just keeps on delivering. One thing’s for sure; you’ll be worn out well before the TT is!

Available: Today in extremely limited numbers. It doesn’t get more exclusive than this

Ducati TT, YMZ1R0
Ducati Racing Red
Horst Link 27.5 140mm Alu Double Butted 27.5″, Bosch CX
Rock Shox Epixon TR LO-R 27.5 15QLC32
Suntour Unair EB LO-R
Shimano SLX 10S
Alloy Crank 170mm Isis Polished Black
Sram DB5 Disc Brake Postmount
Sram Front 200mm and Rear 180mm
Mach1 Karma 27.5″
Tec Saxum 27.5 x 2.55
Tec Fero
Bosch Performance CX 25kph
Bosch Li-Ion D/T 500W
70km (Turbo) => 150km (Eco)

TT Series Sizes:
S 41cm | M 44cm | L 49cm | XL 54cm
Size Guide


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