eBike Conversion Kit: BBS01B-ETM


Thinking about going electric and already have a great bike? One option is to upgrade the one you have. The advantages include the obvious: you already have a bike!

Our eBike Conversion Kit multiplies the effort you put in at the pedals. You can choose how much it contributes to the effort you put in and also turn it off altogether. As soon as you stop pedaling, the motor does too. With 100Nm at peak, it’s no slouch

We also include a thumb throttle for getting going at the lights, plus sensors to cut-off the power whilst braking and/or changing gear. Our 630Wh battery is quite a bit bigger than those found on standard models too, so it really goes the distance

With upgraded motor winding, capacitors and mosfets, plus Anderson Powerpole connectors for added durability, our offering is street legal in accordance with EAPC legislation (MM G430.250). This is the extra torque model


• Custom Bafang centre drive motor unit: 100Nm, 250W, BBS01B-ETM
• Custom battery module: 630Wh, 36V, 17.5Ah, 50 Samsung INR18650-35E cells
• 9 power levels: none to maximum
• Thumb throttle, cranks and speed sensor
• Gearsensor module: cuts motor input during shifting
• Electromagnetic brake sensors (hydraulic or cable): cuts motor input whilst braking
• DPC-18 Display
• 2A Charger
• 6V power outlet for lights

Note: the warranty does not cover commercial use and/or any reprogramming


Choose from one of the following options, depending on the set-up of your bike:
• A pair of new brake levers for cable driven brakes (with in-built sensors)
• An external sensor kit to upgrade hydraulic brakes

Special Projects:

If you are looking to convert your existing bike then we can advise you: just send us a little information about the bike and a photograph or two, along with your goals

There are a few considerations of course, the first of which is whether the bike you own is suitable for conversion. This includes the overall strength of the frame, wheels and components, as the kit weighs several kilograms. This counts out most road bikes, whilst embracing most mountain and cargo bikes. That said, there are always alternatives

For reference, the installations below show two different cargo bikes. To ensure that the battery can be added and removed with just one hand, these each required a slightly different approach to mounting the battery onto the frame.

Note: the frames in these examples were not modified in any way

Yuba Boda Boda ‘Step-Over’ electric retrofit

The beautifully curvaceous Boda Boda has the perfect spot to install a battery directly behind the seat tube. This requires a custom aluminium bracket, which we designed and offer separately. The brakes use cables, so the levers were switched over as well

Kona Ute 18″ electric retrofit

The Ute has a mounting point for a bottle cage on the down tube, allowing for the battery to be installed there. If your bike has these then the installation can be reasonably straightforward. The brakes are hydraulic, so sensors were glued onto the existing levers

Retrofitting Family Cargo Bikes:

Family Cargo Bikes have amongst the heaviest combinations of bicycle, rider, passenger(s) and ‘stuff’. Many of these are bought whilst the kiddo’s are small (and light), only for their riders to struggle to keep up with all the extra weight as their passenger(s) get bigger, heavier and add bags and friends!

Installing our kit can breathe new life into your existing Family Cargo Bike and of course, provide the opportunity to budget over several years. If you’re thinking about choosing a Family Cargo Bike without a motor to get you started, then it can be reassuring to know that you can upgrade it in the future.

As ever, if you have any questions: just ask!




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