Eskuta: SR1200 Series


The SR1200 Series from Eskuta redefines what a modern Moped can do. They’re light, fast, easy to ride and almost completely silent at all speeds, whilst remaining competitive on price and running for next to nothing as well! Lots to like, plenty to love!

How to ride? Just ‘Twist and Go’!

Bosch’s 1200W high-efficiency brushless motor provides instant torque at all speeds, for refreshingly fast launches at the lights and reliable overtakes in all traffic conditions. Everything is motorcycle grade of course, so you have a stiff frame with solid panels, twin-shocks and hydraulic disk brakes on both the front and rear, plus tubeless road tyres as standard.

Less is more? A spare battery costs less than an iPad.

The SR1200 Series are powered by Panasonic Lithium-Ion cells, which are rated for a consistent 60 miles between charges. The packs are interchangeable in seconds too, so you can ‘refuel’ whilst you ‘reload’. You can also plug in to any regular British socket whilst you pause, or leave the battery to charge under your desk at work.


The Commuter Edition is the SR1200, which comes with a set top box to stash a bag and a lock whilst you ride, then your helmet and gloves whilst you’re parked. It also has everything ready to roll for all seasons from the get-go, in the colour of your choosing.

With the annual Oystercard for Zones 1-5 in 2020 costing over £150 more than a whole SR1200, most people will begin to save money well within the first 12 months of ownership. At under 10p to charge the battery, the daily running costs are nominal. With no VED to pay and parking free in most places, getting around soon becomes a joy.


The Delivery Edition is the SR1200D and comes with a rear box, ready for your team’s logos and associated graphics to go over the base colours. We are very happy to work with you to design the perfect styling for your brand too.

JustEat, Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s, Subway & Pizza Hut have all chosen the SR1200D for their Mopeds, so you can be confident that this is a tried and tested model for commercial deliveries, whatever the weather.

We also offer additional battery packs and chargers, so teams running 24 hour services can swap the packs out as required.

Premium Delivery Service:

For teams offering a Premium Delivery Service, the SR1200D can be as discrete as you require. The near silent operation ensures your team can extend your reach without disruption.


The SR1200 Series are Mopeds, so they require a CBT to ride. This normally takes one day to complete and every rider gains from the ‘Compulsory Basic Training’!


Fully Electric Scooter
Lightweight lockable and removable Lithium-Ion 48V battery pack
High torque 1200W high-efficiency Bosch brushless hub motor
Removable Dedicated Lithium-Ion charger with internal cooling fan and 13amp 3 pin plug
UK plug to charge anywhere, at home, work etc.
Approx. 60 miles (96km) range on a single 7 hour charge
Twist & Go throttle
Top box or rear carry box
Integrated rear lighting and indicators
Powerful front disc brake and rear drum brake
Strong electro plated lightweight steel frame
Impact resistant high quality body panels
Digital MPH speedometer with power level indicator
Ultra bright LED headlamp with hi/low beam, rear lamp and side indicator lamps
Remote control alarm system with immobiliser
Steering lock
Front glove shelf with cup holder
Alloy wheels with reinforced road tyres
EC Type Approved



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