Hövding: Airbag For Cyclists


Hövding takes generations of airbag technology and literally turns in on it’s head:

Why wear a helmet when an airbag can pop-up on demand?

As innovations go, the best ones tend to involve the simplification of brute force applications through high-end engineering solutions. Hövding is one such example. The sensors inside the collar are aware of the difference between riding and falling, so most of the time it sits dormant.

If you’re involved in an accident it’ll inflate in 0.1 of a second and cover your head and jawline, so you are fully protected and can still see where you are. Perfect!

“Helmet hair be gone!”

The dreaded ‘helmet hair’ is just one of the many reasons cited for not wearing conventional helmets. Overall discomfort through the build-up of heat and of course the helmet not fitting correctly are some of the others.

The Hövding collar sits gracefully around your neck, with the weight spread evenly over your shoulders. After a few seconds you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. This is where it really comes in to it’s own: just zip it up and pop the popper to switch it on. That’s it.

Left: Hövding collar. Right: the inflated unit, after a crash.

It incorporates a discrete battery pack which is recharged using a USB cable. Battery levels are shown via LEDs at the front of the collar, so you can be confident it’s there for you.

Hövding is the world’s first airbag for cyclists and is the result of intensive research since 2005. Through advanced sensors, Hövding can sense the cyclist’s movement patterns and will react in case of an accident. The unique airbag will then inflate, fixate your neck and provide the world’s best shock absorption.

You don’t inflate it to wear it; you simply pop the collar on, zip it up and switch it on with the latch. Hövding does the rest.

In the event that your Hövding is been deployed, send it back to us! Inside the collar there is a ‘black box’ which records 10 seconds of data related to your movements before/during an accident.

Right to left: Hövding inflation sequence


• Pack includes one Hövding collar unit, with a washable standard outer shell
• Additional shells are available separately and ‘zip-on’


The collar is supplied with a basic, black shell which is made of functional and durable fabric which protects your Hövding against dirt and wear.
• Outside: Polyester (100%)
• Inside: Polyester (100%)
• Wash at 40°C

Some insurance companies can cover part of the expense of a new Hövding if you have had an accident. Contact your insurance company beforehand to confirm how they will do this.

Click here for additional shells

Manufacturer’s Guidelines:

Cycling means urban cycling and cycling on main roads, but not extreme cycling such as BMX, off-road cycling, mountain biking and trick cycling.
• Hövding is designed for standard road-going bike models and commuting, including regular folding and street-legal electric bikes.
• Hövding is not designed for ‘special’ bikes including tandems, unicycles and/or other wheel-based options like scooter and swegway’s.

Size Guide:

Neck circumference smaller than 14″ (36cm): Small
Neck circumference between 14″ (36cm) and 16.5″ (42cm): Medium
Neck circumference between 15″ (38cm) and 17.5″ (45cm): Large


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