Monowheel: Electric Unicycle


The Monowheel pairing of the Enterprise and Warrior are Urban Electric Unicycles designed for scooting around the City!

With the riding style similar to floating on thin air, there are few things the experience can be compared with. Once you master it (which takes anything from a few seconds to a few minutes), the Monowheel comes into it’s own.

Back to the Future meets the Upwardly Mobile

Seasoned riders will tell you that balancing a Monowheel is quite similar to standing in a moving Tube carriage without falling over: Just as most commuters gain a seemingly automated stability on the Tube over time, this approach translates well to learning how to ride it confidently.

The more used to it you become, the more you’ll relax your posture and the more you’ll let your core muscles manage your balance for you. Once you do, it becomes almost effortless and before long you will be able to ride with only one foot on the Monowheel, backwards, whilst reading a newspaper, or taking a call on your phone, etc.

Ride it like you used to ride the Tube!

To begin: simply hop on to the Monowheel and lean forwards as it accelerates away. Move your body only in the direction you wish to go. Use your feet to manage the onboard accelerometer: this is your throttle. Look into the distance and this is where you will go.

Once at speed: simply crouch a little to let the Monowheel roll ahead of you and it will ease into a constant speed. You’re riding! (just try to avoid waving your hands in the air as it doesn’t help: keeping your arms by your sides is easiest, as counter intuitive as it may seem)

To slow down and brake: small crouch again, then lean backwards a bit. Use your feet as the throttle again, much like getting started. The regenerative brake will recover a little power as it brings you to a controlled stop too, so going down a slope will even recharge the battery. Smart.

The Warrior: Ready to defeat the urban environment

Monowheel Specifications:

Packing size: 50 x 27 x 60 cm
Max. Speed: 18 Kph
Battery Lifetime: 800 cycle
Motor: 60V/350W DC Brushless
Max. Load: 120 Kg
Charger: 110-240v, AC, 60V output
Recharging Time: 1-2 hours
Climbing Capacity: 15-25°
Pedal Height: 11.6 cm
Tyre: 14″ x 2.125″
Loudspeaker: Onboard with Bluetooth connection

Enterprise Variations:

Battery: 60V/2.9Ah Lithium (Samsung)
Range: 20-25 Km
Net Weight: 11 Kg
Unit Size: 38 x 15 x 46 cm
LED flash lights around the sides

Warrior Variations:

Battery: 60V/2.2AH Lithium (Samsung)
Range: 15-20 Km
Net Weight: 10.5 Kg
Unit Size: 39.5 x 16 x 45 cm
LED flash Lights front and rear

London-based sales will include a fifteen minute lesson to help you to get started too! #

(# T&C’s apply)

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