Populo: S8 eScooter


Fancy a scootabout on an electric folding gizmo which isn’t a bike? Populo’s S8 eScooter takes the practicalities of personal mobility to a whole new level.

With the same 250W output as an eBike, circa 3 seconds to fold and a carryable 12kg total weight, maximum speed of 24Kph and around 25Km of range… it’s a pretty compelling option, especially if you live/work a few storeys up and wrestle bikes up and down stairs every day!

There’s also an ‘always-on’ headlight/taillight combo, power/speed display on the dashboard and mechanical disc brakes. Plus a 270Wh battery.

The S8 is brought to you by the Aventon group, who are known for high quality eBikes, fixies and single speed models.

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• 350W motor
• 24Kph top speed
• 12Kg total weight
• 270Wh internal battery
• Up to 25Km of range
• Foldable in around 3 seconds
• Headlight/tail light

Kindly familiarise yourself with the applicable laws for electronic scooters before purchase.


Stock levels are variable and there are new items coming all the time!
• Today!

Preorders for Christmas 2020 recommended too!




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