Stealth: Bomber Electric Mountain Bike


Combining 5.2kW of electrical output with as much mechanical input as the rider is capable of, the Bomber electric bike displays phenomenal acceleration and hill climbing ability in any terrain. Pedal power is transmitted via its unique 9 speed sequential gearbox, with stopping taken care of by progressive 6 or 8 pot hydraulic disc brakes. Heavy duty long travel suspension soaks up the hits and allows the rider to maintain high speed stability leaving the Bomber electric bike in a class of its own.

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As Featured In Wired Magazine, July 2013. Download here.

Constructed from aircraft certified CrMo alloys, the one piece monocoque frames large polar moment of inertia displays exceptional torsional rigidity under the most extreme loading conditions. The new and improved battery fastening system allows for battery changeovers in less than 90 seconds. Evenly matched is the light weight yet ultra stiff CrMo swing arm which incorporates built in torque arms and adjustable wheelbase.

Now producing up to 4.5kW, the direct drive brushless DC hub motor has just one moving part between the motor and the ground increasing control, reliability and efficiency with virtually no sound emission.

Bomber Multi-angle (Uploaded: Jun 30th, 2010):

Pedal power is transmitted via the 9 speed sequential gear box which provides more than enough gears for any terrain. Changing gears is as simple twisting your wrist and the concentric swing arm pivot eliminates the need for chain tensioners, derailleurs and unnecessary maintenance. This translates to a smooth, quiet and efficient ride from start to finish.

The standard issued front suspension sports 7 conventional dual crown forks soak up bumps with ease and can be easily adjusted for varying terrain at the turn of a dial. The single pivot rear coil over mono-shock rear suspension is custom valved to iron out the back breaking bumps at the rear. With a simple turn of the compression and rebound dials, it can be adjusted for casual every day riding or more aggressive off road environments.

Riding the Bomber through the Manx countryside.

The Bomber electric bike comes standard with powerful 6 piston hydraulic brake calipers giving any rider precise feedback using only 1 or 2 fingers on the levers. After a long hard ride there’s never any doubt of pulling up when you really need it.

Upgrade to the Magura MT8 braking pack here.

The high rate lithium cells and custom built battery management system monitors every one of the 800 charge and discharge cycles. Charge time is just 2 hours at any 110V or 240V household outlet. Activate the Regen Button to prolong the life of the brake pads and stay on your bike for longer by converting braking energy into electrical energy fed back into the battery pack to extend your range.

The Duro Razorback is a great all-condition Downhill (DH), Free ride and all terrain mountain bike tire. Great multi purpose tread pattern.

Speed: 50 mph
Range: Up to 50 miles
Noise @ 50 km/h: 65 dB
Power: 5,200 Watts
Electrical Motor Type: Brushless DC
Battery Type: LiFePO4/800 cycle
Battery Capacity: 1.5kWh
Recharge Time: 2 hours
Charge: Standard 110-240V
Transmission: 9 Speed sequential gearbox
Suspension: 180mm
Rear Travel: 250 mm
Weight: 53kg/116lbs
Running Cost: Less than £.01/mile, Zero Emissions

We clocked 52.8Mph at the London Nocturne, on June the 8th 2013.




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