Stealth: Fighter Electric Mountain Bike


The Fighter electric bike is light, nimble and fun. 2 speeds for pedaling and a 3.7kW direct drive hub motor enable the rider to reach speeds of 50+km/h without breaking a sweat. The 6 pot hydraulic disc brakes and air adjustable suspension give the Fighter the flexibility to handle anything from fast flowing single track to tight, technical trails.

The Fighter electric bike was developed with light weight and agility in mind. While this frame is smaller and lighter than the Bomber, it’s equally as tough. Aircraft certified CrMo alloys and high quality welding techniques maintain the high torsional values throughout the stiffness matrix. The Fighter electric bike also boasts a light weight yet ultra stiff CrMo swingarm with built in torque arms and adjustable wheelbase for those who want to fine tune their ride.

Now producing up to 3kW, the direct drive brushless DC hub motor has just one moving part between the motor and the ground increasing control, reliability and efficiency with virtually no sound emission.

Pedal power to the Fighter electric bike is transmitted via the 2 internally geared bottom bracket. Shifting gears is a case of clicking your heels as the pace starts to go from low speed to high speed. The floating drive train eliminates the need for chain tensioners and unnecessary maintenance while emitting minimal sound emissions and maintaining pedal efficiency.

Standard issue front suspension are the 7” conventional single crown forks. With 2 dials to adjust compression and rebound adjustment and air adjustment for preload, these forks are light weight and versatile enough for most situation. The rear of the Fighter electric bike sports a fully adjustable shock which can cope with a wide range of rider weights and preferences as well as a lockout when the rear suspension isn’t required.

Like the Bomber, the standard Fighter electric bike comes with the powerful 6 piston hydraulic brake calipers which bite hard with only 1 or 2 fingers on the levers. A lighter bike means that the brakes feel better by comparison and have the goods to stand the bike up on its front wheel very easily.

The high rate lithium cells and custom built battery management system monitors every one of the 800 charge and discharge cycles. Charge time is just 2 hours at any 110V or 240V household outlet. Activate the Regen Button to prolong the life of the brake pads and stay on your bike for longer by converting braking energy into electrical energy fed back into the battery pack to extend your range.

The Duro Razorback is a great all-condition Downhill (DH), Free ride and all terrain mountain bike tire. Great multi purpose tread pattern.

Speed: 35 mph
Range: Up to 35 miles
Noise @ 50 km/h: 65 dB
Power: 3,700 Watts
Motor Type: Brushless DC
Battery Type: LiFePO4/800 cycle
Battery Capacity: 1kWh
Recharge Time: 2 hours
Charge: Standard 110-240V
Transmission: 2 Speed internal gearbox
Rear Travel: 250 mm
Weight: 34kg/75lbs
Running Cost: Less than £.01/mile, Zero Emission


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