Stealth: Hurricane Electric Dirt Bike


With 4.5kW of electrical output, the Hurricane electric dirt bike displays phenomenal acceleration and hill climbing ability in any terrain. Stopping is handled by progressive hydraulic disc brakes too, so no surprises. Heavy duty long travel suspension soak up the hits and allow riders to maintain stability at the highest speeds, whatever the terrain.

As for pedals? Who needs them! This bike sheds weight by leaving behind all but the essential ingredients for one serious dirt biking experience. Pass Motocrossers in stealthy silence and whip it along the trails, leaving mountain bikers pushing their bikes up hills in your wake!


50 Mph Top Speed
30 to 35 miles range.
Noise @ 50 km/h: 65 dB
5,200 Watts

Motor Type: Brushless DC
Battery Type: LiFePO4/800 cycle
Battery Capacity: 1.5kWh
Recharge Time: 2 hours
Charge: Standard 110-240V

Front Travel Standard: 180mm (upgraded: 200mm)
Rear Travel: 250mm
Running Cost: Less than £0.01/mile
Zero Emissions

Front & Rear Hydraulic Standard: Magura MT2 (Optional: Magura MT4 or Magura MT8)
Weight: 47.65Kg/105 lbs


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