Taga: Cargo Bike Stroller 1.0 (Hybrid)


Taga’s groundbreaking 2-in-1 Pushchair and Bicycle Stroller Hybrid takes everyone by surprise: It’s the two things which most new Parents would love to combine and it’s been done so well.

What more to say other than that it’s brilliant?

Cargo Bike + Stroller = Taga

Well for a start, you can switch from one to the other in about twenty seconds. Less time than it takes (some of us!), to eject our little one and then complete the whole ‘strappy-palaver’ in the new chair.

When you don’t need to undo the seatbelts in the first place, that’s a huge time saver right there. That’s even before you consider waking up your little sleeper just as they’ve finally fallen asleep…

Also, it’s a hoot to ride! Granted, it’s not going to win any races (unless there’s something in the water over at next year’s London Nocturne: let’s see about that, huh?), however it’s fun precisely because it’s faster than walking; not because it’s the fastest thing out there!

Fun, all of the time!

Where it really comes into it’s own, is when you cycle over to meet friends with their lesser Strollers and they can’t keep up with you: just switch over to Stroller mode and the only red faces will be the ones on the faces of the Parents trying to load their Buggies back into their SUV’s as you whoosh right on by.

See it in action, if you have just 20 seconds to spare?

How old should my child be before I can start strolling with Taga?

With the Car Seat Adapter, you can begin strolling with your child on smooth terrain when they are a newborn. With the Taga Standard Child Seat, you can start strolling with your child from the age of 6 months.

How old should my child be before I can try them out in Bike Mode?

Before riding with your child in bike mode, we strongly recommend waiting until your child is a year old and able to sit up on their own without support.

One seat, or two?

The Taga has an optional second child seat which attaches inline with the main child seat. This is available from us separately.

When do children generally outgrow Taga?

In Bike Mode, Taga’s child seat is suitable for children weighing up to 25 kg/ 55 lbs (5-6 years). In Stroller Mode, it is suitable for children weighing up to 15 kg/ 33 lbs (3-4 years).

Age Range & Weight Limits:

  Riding Mode Strolling Mode
Rider 100kg / 220 lbs  
Child seat 25kg / 55lbs (5-6 years) 15kg / 33lbs (3-4 years)
Second child seat 20kg / 44lbs (3-4 years) 15kg / 33lbs (3-4 years)

What are Taga’s exact dimensions?

Bike Mode: 73cmW x 165cmL x 102cmH (28.5″W x 64.9″L x 40″H)
Stroller Mode: 73cmW x 120cmH x 102cmH (28.5″W x 47″L x 40″H)

How much does Taga weigh?

Chassis – 20 kg/44 lbs
Child seat – 4 kg/8.8 lbs
Basket and extra weight – 5.5kg/12 lbs

Our Kit Includes:

1 x Taga Chassis + underseat basket
1 x Child Seat Frame (packed inside the Chassis box)
1 x Child Seat Fabric + Hood

Choose the colour of the Child Seat/Fabric/Hood below. All frames are Silver.


You can add a number of Accessories to your Taga including lights, mudguards, alternative child seats, plus rain covers and bags. These are listed here.




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