VANHAWKS: Valour Carbon


Meet Valour! The ultimate combination of safety, design, and simplicity. It introduces modern connectivity into your daily commute, haptic feedback whilst riding and an exquisitely detailed carbon fibre frame design.

Blind-spot detection:
Valour tracks objects in a safe-zone of 10 feet behind the bike and 4 feet to either side. Valour’s handlebars vibrate if movement is detected within your blind-spot, ensuring your safety so you can ride comfortably.

Pedal-by-pedal playbook:
On-board sensors measure your calories burned, distance traveled, speed, best times, and much more. Stay fit and feel great by turning your everyday commute into a fitness ride. iOS, Android, and Pebble App’s are available.

vanhawks for all:
Commuters are the heartbeat of cities. Valour technology is designed as a mesh network that will connect the Valour community and gather real-time information on setbacks like potholes, closed roads, and blocked lanes. Simply put, more riders means smarter, safer routes.

Theft prevention:
If Valour is stolen, the network interacts to locate the missing bike. When the stolen bike is brought near another Valour, an App-based notification is sent to the original owner. That’s connectivity!


Bluetooth 4.0, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Speed sensor, GPS Receiver, Mesh-network, Blindspot detection sensors, LEDs.

Shutter Precision PD-8 Dynamo Hub

Gearing options:
Variable speed model: Nuvinci n360 internal gear hub
Single speed/Fixie: 2:3 gear ratio (55f, 22r)

Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Avid BB5 Disc Brakes
(the upgrade to BB7 is available on request)

7.16Kg, 15.8lb, fixie
7.39Kg, 16.3lb, single speed
8.89Kg, 19.6lb, internal hub

Weinmann DP3000 rims with double/triple butted spokes
Vittoria Randonneur 32x700c tyres

Unibody Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre straight handlebar

Seat post:
Carbon fibre seat post

Unibody carbon fibre

Ergon SM3 ergonomic saddle

Ergon GP1 ergonomic grips

Ergon ergonomic PC2 pedals

Sizing Info:
Small (50cm) for riders 5’1″-5’6″ (155cm – 167.5cm)
Medium (53cm) for riders 5’6″-5’11” (167.5cm – 180cm)
Large (56cm) for riders 5’11”-6’3″ (180cm – 190.5cm)
Extra large (59cm) for riders 6’3″ and above (190.5cm+)


Why the name “Vanhawks”?
Van is a preposition in the Dutch language, meaning of or from. Therefore, Vanhawks means of hawk or origin of the hawk. We feel that hawks, due to their intelligence, beauty, and natural partnership to mankind, are among nature’s most spectacular animals. Our philosophy is not only to provide elegant, intelligent and smart products to our customers, but to connect with them and make Vanhawks an experience to remember.

Why the name “Valour”?
“Valour” means great courage in the face of danger, especially in a battle. We believe that we are in a constant battle against gas guzzling cars, congested cities, and commuter safety. With Valour, it’s a step forward towards a safer, greener commute.

We are very proud to be Canadian, and spelling Valour with a U represents our Canadian roots.

Why carbon fibre? What’s the difference?
Carbon fibre is light and strong. A high-end bike should be light enough to walk up a flight of stairs and strong enough to withstand everyday stress; Vanhawks’ proprietary carbon fibre technology makes internal wall structures which makes the frame both lighter and stronger. Our new method of creating carbon structures allows us bring such a high-end bike to the commuter market.

Specifications subject to change!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


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