VANMOOF: Lady Standard Step-In Frame


Designed for elegance, presence and the Lady about town, this is character-filled bicycle embodies everything a modern commuter requires. At first, the inbuilt rack is reminiscent of the Sexy-Waitress available on all VANMOOF models, yet it has a twist, naturally.

The inbuilt lights are a VANMOOF staple: start pedaling and the lights burst into life. Stop at a traffic light and the power is concentrated through the rear light, where you need it most: behind you. The dynamo is inside the front wheel, although you’ll barely know it’s there as it’s inside the hub.

The aluminium frame flows from top to tail, to ensure a sturdy support for whatever you’re carrying, whilst remaining lightweight. It also opens-up the possibility for a secondary storage area, cleanly tucked inside the frame’s down tube (pop the lock at the bottom). This keeps the rear section open, so your handbag, shopping, pooch or clutch remain in full view at all times.

The frame is a clean matt, whilst the mudguards area available is several seasonal colours: change them as and when you wish, this bicycle will last for years and so too it can match whatever you’re wearing either now or in the future. Smart.


One size fit’s all (155-200cm Recommended)


Anodised aluminium frame
3-Speed hub, with back-pedal brake
Inbuilt lights, dynamo-driven
Inbuilt rack, up-front
Colourful mudguards






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