VANMOOF: Standard Straight


The Standard Straight model for 2017 blends seven years of fine tuning into one of the most sophisticated commuter bikes ever made. At first glance it’s clean lines and upright riding position are there for all to see, however this is only part of the VANMOOF story.

As soon as you start to roll the front and rear lights come on, staying on even as you pause for a traffic light. They’re completely automatic and ensure that your fellow road users see you well in advance. As simple as it seems, they are powered by the dynamo built into the front wheel and all of the wiring is tucked into the frame, so they’re tidy, secure and offer 360′ visibility both during the day and at night.

To keep your clothes clean the wheels are wrapped with a set of wide and tight-fitting mudguards, whilst the chain is also completely covered. The axles use anti-theft nuts and bolts too, so they cannot be removed by opportunists.

The gearing continues to range from a single speed, or 3-Speed and 8-Speed internal gear hubs. All three options are discrete and the hub-based models include an automatic chain tensioner to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Much like the models before it, the Standard Straight can be measured up to fit the day you meet and require barely more than a little air in the tyres from then on (puncture resistant tyres, naturally!).


Lights: Integrated, automatic dynamo-powered LED lighting system
Gears: 1-Speed, 3-Speed (twist) or 8-Speed (trigger)
Colours: Fog White (coated) or Asphalt Black (anodised)
Brakes: Coaster brake (single speed), front and rear mechanical disc brake (3-Speed, 8-Speed)
Wheels: 28″

Rider height:

170cm to 210cm




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