Yuba: Mundo 21 Speed


The Yuba Mundo takes it’s inspiration to a whole new level. Following a trip across East Africa, Designer Benjamin Sarrazin began with the desire for a ‘do everything’ bike.

Of course it fits a couple of Kids on the back with ease. Plus food, the odd surfboard, skateboard and a child seat (or two!), if you prefer that to a long, bamboo rack.

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of a long Cargo bike is that when it’s unladen, it rides as smoothly as a regular bike. You do need to remember that the rear wheel is a bit further back than normal, however it’s extended length improves stability, especially on London’s less than perfectly smooth roads!

Fits the Child Seat(s) you already have (or the ones we have!)

With an advertised loading capacity of up to ‘200kg + driver’, you’d be forgiven for trying to figure out just what you’d ever need to move in that weight range! We certainly did. Since the sofa you might buy once a decade is delivered, how much food and drink could fit on the back safely? Let’s work it out!

According to a study by the clinical nutrition centre of Addenbrokes Hospital in Cambridge, which measured the food consumed by a random sample of the population of a Cambridge Village: The average weight of food eaten per day (excluding drinks) was 1,277g.

Total food & water weight, for one person, for one month: under 100Kg.

One month’s food weighed-in at around 38Kg. The water requirement is almost twice that, at 60Kg.

So you could fit everything two adults need to consume for a whole month!

Or, to use the more scientific traditional Cargo Bike Buyers Guide to Weights-and-Measures: an astonishing four full-sized kegs of beer!


• High load capacity of up to 200kg
• Narrow and as maneuverable as a normal bike
• Practical Side Loader as a footrest
• ‘Wheel Skirts’ included (wheel cover)


Frame: 26″/50 Mundo MP Hi-Ten 1 1/8″
Colours: Tangerine Orange, Pacific Blue or Matte Black
Side Loader bars: Steel ø 22.2*1.4t
Size: RH 42
Gears: 21 Speed (7 x 3), SRAM X4
Brakes: V-Brakes, front and rear


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