Aitour:  Starter

Aitour: Starter

The magnificent Aitour Starter is the perfect three-wheeled family cargo bike for people looking get started with a purposeful electric option. There’s a sturdy wooden box up front with space for up to four children, the battery is installed discretely under the rear seat, powering the mid-motor. There’s even a rack on the tail. Hydraulic disc brakes keep things in check, whilst the integrated lights ensure you can see and be seen. The 120nM motor is paired with a 48V battery, which ensures you can accelerate from every light with ease. The gears are equally well considered: there’s a 7-speed… Read more →

Aitour:  Family C

Aitour: Family C

The Aitour C is the curvaceous electric family cargo trike, with space for up to four Sproggo’s, with or without the Doggo! The curved wooden box up front keeps your brood inboard, whilst you steer from the rear. It comes with child safety belts, cushions, armrests and an anti-slip mat. The strong mid-motor multiplies the effort you put in when you pedal, so you can sprint from a standstill with up to 300lb / 136kg in the box. There’s a 7-speed Nexus hub built in to the rear wheel, so you can change gear whenever you wish and keep maintenance… Read more →


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