‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a new bike with just one click? We thought so too!

‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme ©: How do I access it?

1, Select your Provider in our Checkout

As of June 2019 the limit is now set by your Employer, so you can assign more than £1,000 and choose virtually every single bike and accessory we offer – including both electric bikes and electric cargo bikes!

You must be in full time employment and your annual salary must be at least £1 more than the current UK Minimum Wage plus the amount you wish to spend

Cycle to Work Scheme Providers:

Your Employer may already be enrolled with the Providers listed below which means you just need your Company Details and/or your individual Reference Number(s) to proceed.

Cycle2Work Professional

Green Commute Initiative (GCI)

Bike2Work Scheme



Halfords Cycle2Work Premium

Maximum Spend?

Ask your Employer!

It used to be that some Providers offered up to £1,000 per Employee, now it can be any amount

The ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme © Explained

The Cycle to Work Scheme is now as simple as our unique ‘One-Click’ © approach. Simply choose your items, select your chosen Provider in our Checkout and enter the details as required

You can apply from wherever you are: you won’t need to bring your boss!

There is no longer any paperwork to shuffle, so we can proceed the moment your application is authourised. Providers are updating their terms and systems over Summer 2019 to remove the old £1,000 limit, so these will gradually come into effect.

Essential accessories

We recommend assigning around 10% of a typical budget for your primary lock and 5% for the secondary. That means an allocation of at least £150 for security; a lot if you’re looking down the back of the sofa, yet far less daunting as a salary sacrifice over a year. They’ll probably outlast the first bike too!


1, Limitations?
Very few. Using the bike and equipment to get to work is expected. You can use the same bike at the weekend too, so choose a solid mountain bike instead of a folder if that’s your preference. If you like to get a few training laps of a park on your way to work instead of going to a gym, then that still qualifies as your commute. Just remember what it’s for: commuting!

2, Does the process need to coincide with the company’s financial year?
No. It’s a salary sacrifice, so it’s not connected: it is assigned to your salary regardless of when you begin or end your term

3, Can I buy a new bike every year?
Yes, however all of our bikes are capable of many years of use so you’re unlikely to need to change that often! Whilst your contract is typically spread over one year, we’re not aware of any significant restrictions, time-wise.

4, What if I decide not to commute by bike every day?
You can choose to ride when the weather is nice and if you find after a few journeys that it’s not for you, you aren’t obliged to keep pedalling for the full 12 month term.

5, Can I buy two bikes?
Yes, if you need two bikes to complete a combination of bike/train/tube/bus/equivalent changeovers along the way. It would be reasonable to have a bike at either end of an intercity commute if you cannot carry a folding bike and whatever you need to take to/from work with you as well

6, Do I need to go to my bank to get a loan?
No. Full-time employment is a prerequisite, however you do not need to apply to borrow the funds from a bank as the scheme is already available for most UK employees to access.


The goal is to encourage more people to commute by bike, kitted out with the necessary locks, lights and so forth. Terms and Conditions apply and the legislation is subject to change without notice

• Employers set the limits now
• Employers don’t need to browse our website
• Items entered by you are the ones assigned to your Provider’s scheme
• You choose what you require, then we organise it
• No expensive bank loans!
• Minimal fuss!
• Save money on your annual commuting costs
• Save up to 42% on the cost of bikes and/or equipment
• Improve your health and well-being
• Repayment period is normally 12 months

So if you’ve been thinking about buying, upgrading or replacing your bike for your commute and were wondering how to fund it: here you go!

For more info, visit:
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