‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a new bike with just one click? We thought so too!

‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme ©: How do I access it?

1, Select it in our Shopping Cart

You must be in full time employment and your annual salary must be at least £1 more than the current UK Minimum Wage plus the amount you wish to spend. There are some other conditions, however these are the main ones

Your Boss, Accounts Department or HR Department will need to authorise your purchase(s). We send them the paperwork and they settle the invoice on your behalf

Cycle2Work Professional

Green Commute Initiative (GCI)


• What are the advantages?
Access up to £5,000 towards bicycles/accessories. It is similar to the conventional Cycle to Work Scheme, the key difference being that you can increase the upper limit

• Maximum Spend?
Up to £5,000 per employee

Bike2Work Scheme



Halfords C2WS

• What are the advantages?
Your Employer may already be enrolled in this scheme, which means you just need your Company Details and your individual Reference Number to proceed.

• Maximum Spend?
Access up to £1,000 per employee

Choose from a variety of bikes, locks and lights: The items above are all available under the scheme.

The ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme © Explained:

The Cycle to Work Scheme is now as simple as our unique, ‘One-Click’ © approach. Simply choose your items, select it in our Shopping Cart and enter all the details. Your chosen bike and accessories of up to £5,000 # will then be prepared for you, whilst the completed paperwork will be sent to whomever authorised it.

Gone are the days of sending paper forms back and forth, explaining the differences between bikes, parts, accessories and the scheme itself to busy bosses and pleading with your accounts team to register for a scheme they don’t care to understand. We just took a close look at the legislation and figured out the workflow which suits everyone. Then we made sure it was no more than a click away for all.

What do you and your firm need to do? Simply choose your bike and bits on your screen, proceed to the Shopping Cart, tick the box and then submit. The authorising party at your firm will receive your order and must confirm it (you must enter your company’s details as part of the registration process). Any authorised signatory can do this #. We’ll then send over the documents which detail how the money is recovered over the year, which we e-mail directly to your accounts team ready to go. It’s so straightforward they’ll probably even thank you for it!

“Everyone’s heard of it, yet hardly anyone understands how it works!”

That’s why so few people participate in the scheme, often choosing to ‘stick it on a card’ when there’s no need to. When we asked a pool of riders whether and what it meant to them, the feedback was clear: the old system was too confusing, too much hassle and both they and their bosses are simply too busy to figure it out.

So why can we do this now? The application process has changed so now we can arrange a pre-approved contract #. We have organised this for you and prepare it internally, thereby eliminating that process and all the hassle it once entailed. We still need very specific information, so we refined our website’s Shopping Cart to accommodate it. So now you can apply from wherever you are: you won’t need to bring your boss over to us!

Anything else to consider? We recommend that you keep at least 10% of the total for your primary lock and 5% for the secondary. That means an allocation of at least £150 for security; a lot if your looking down the back of the sofa, yet far less daunting as a salary sacrifice over a year. They’ll probably outlast the first bike too!

What will you spend your £5,000 on? #


• Limitations?
Very few. The upper limit is £5,000 # and using the bike and equipment to get to work is expected. You can use the same bike at the weekend too, so choose a solid mountain bike instead of a folder if that’s your preference. If triathlons are your thing and you train on your way to work, then theoretically that still qualifies as your commute. Just remember what it’s for: commuting!
• Does the process need to coincide with the company’s financial year?
No. It’s a salary sacrifice, so it’s not connected: it is assigned to your salary regardless of when you begin or end your term
• Can I buy a new bike every year?
The contract is spread over one year, so we’re not aware of any restrictions, time-wise. All of our bikes are capable of many years of use, so you’re unlikely to need to change all that often. Furthermore if you find after a few journeys that it’s not for you, you aren’t obliged to keep pedalling for the full 12 month term!
• Can I buy two bikes?
Technically yes if you need one at either end of a train/tube/bus journey
• Do I need to go to my bank to get a loan?
No. Full-time employment is a prerequisite, however you do not need to apply to borrow the funds as the first £1,000 is already available for most UK employees to access. For £1,000 and above, Cycle2Work Professional is required

# Cycle2Work Professional is the edition which enables you to spend up to £5,000

Choose the items you require, tick the box and then add in the details via our Shopping Cart.

In summary

• No registration required
• Employers don’t need to browse our website
• Items entered by you are the ones assigned to the scheme
• You choose what you require, then we organise it
• No expensive bank loans!

So you no longer need to convince your boss to register for the scheme, nor explain what individual items ‘do’ to the non-cyclists in your team.

The core T&C’s are simple too:

• You must be in full-time employment to qualify
• You can choose both bikes and accessories
• Repayment period is 12 months

Maximum spend:

• £5,000 for Cycle2Work Professional and Green Commute Initiative (GCI)
• £1,000 for Cyclescheme, CyclePlus, Halfords and Bike2Work Scheme

Advantages of using Our ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme ©:

• Minimal fuss!
• Save money on your annual commuting costs
• Save up to 42% on the cost of bikes and/or equipment
• Improve your health and well-being

The goal is to encourage more people to commute by bike, kitted out with the necessary locks, lights and so forth. Terms and Conditions apply and the legislation is subject to change without notice.

So if you’ve been thinking about buying, upgrading or replacing your bike for your commute and were wondering how to fund it: here you go!

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