It can be tricky to figure out the best way to balance your bike/security/accessories budget, including whether to pay for everything up front, or some of it over time. Klarna provides a variety of options which are also available to people who are self-employed.

Below are Klarna’s introductory videos which run through the advantages of each of their key options.

Pay later: in 3 installments

Keen to settle-up over the first year you plan to use your new bike and accessories?

Choose Klarna’s 3 instalments option.

Pay later: in 30 days

Keen to get rolling today and handle your payment within a month?

Choose Klarna’s 30 day option.

Klarna’s FAQ’s and T&C’s

For further information, kindly review Klarna’s FAQ’s below:
Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments
Pay later in 30 days

Our Terms and Conditions page is below:
Terms and Conditions