Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

With so many amazing items on offer here at Leftfield Bikes, we are often asked quite similar questions! The most frequent ones are listed below

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The Cycle to Work Scheme
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We set up the ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme © to keep things as simple as possible

How does it work?

You choose your bicycle/accessories, we prepare the documents and invoice your Employer, then deliver the items to you

How are the documents used?

We issue the necessary paperwork automatically for your company’s accountants to apply over a 12 month period. No registration is required and we pay for the preparation of the documents too

Who pays for the items?

This is the primary concern of most Employers! With ‘Cash Neutral Leasing’ to fund purchases, nobody is out of pocket. Your Employer simply underwrites the process and a third party company takes care of it. Further details are available on request

What do I need to know to use it right now?


Bike2Work Scheme:


1, eCertificate Number
2, Redemption Code
3, Company’s Name
1, Reference Number
2, Company’s Name
1, CyclePlus Voucher Details
2, Your Full Name/Home Address
3, Company’s Full Name/Address


Cycle2Work Professional:


1, Halfords LOC Number
2, Company’s Full Name/Address
3, Your Full Name/Home Address
1, Your Authorising Party’s * Contact Details
(* Boss/HR Department/Company Director)
2, Company’s Full Name/Address
3, Your Full Name/Home Address
1, Your Authorising Party’s * Contact Details
(* Boss/HR Department/Company Director)
2, Company’s Full Name/Address
3, Your Full Name/Home Address

How do I know which items are compliant?

We’ve indicated compliance on the individual Product Pages published for every single item on offer: if an item is not eligible according to current legislation, the Provider’s logo(s) are not displayed

If an item which does not qualify is added to the Cart (or the upper limit it exceeded), Provider details are withdrawn too. This guarantees that all applications are fully compliant, saving everyone from unnecessary headaches in the process!

Does my Employer need to visit this website?

Not anymore! The best person to tell us what you’d like is you, so as soon as you have entered your item/size/colour preferences into our system, all your Employer needs to do is to handle the payment

We send all the details directly, so they can respond to that rather than browsing our site

Freelancers, Contractors and the Self-Employed?

You must be in full time employment to access the Cycle to Work Scheme
• If you pay yourself through your own company then you can
• If you are a Contractor/Freelancer/Self-Employed, then you cannot (sorry!)

Key points?

• Organise your bicycle/accessories immediately
• No bank loans, overdraft applications, credit cards or ‘jumping through hoops’ required
• Save up to 42% of the cost of the bicycle/accessories

Payment Options:


We accept a variety of payment options, each of which are enabled by third parties. These can be particularly useful if you wish to spread the cost of a purchase over the lifespan of the item. Simply choose whichever suits you best in the Shopping Cart

How does it work?

Regular PayPal and Card payments are handled in the usual way. These are subject to your existing arrangements

Deliveries Inside London’s M25:

We deliver in person and at your convenience

This includes your office from 9am-5pm during the week, or at home a little later if you prefer

All bicycles are delivered fully assembled and ready to ride

We will never deliver a bicycle in a box, unless you plan to take it out of the country and a sealed carton is a requirement for reclaiming the VAT at UK Customs

When do you deliver?

Prefer a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, Bank Holiday Weekend maybe? Just ask! Your bicycle will always be a better fit if you can set aside the time for us to adjust it with you

Deliveries Outside London’s M25:

Home or office delivery?

You decide!

Who will assemble my new bike?

Most bicycles require a professional for assembly, so if you nominate your Local Bike Shop when you order from us #, we will deliver your new bicycle there and send you a £20 Voucher towards their assembly fees

Some folding bicycles require little more than some air in the tyres (air cargo must not include inflated tyres). So you’ll need a pump if you plan to ride your new bicycle straight away!

What is covered under the terms of the delivery?

Our Courier provides free insurance on bikes of £5 per kilogram for total loss in transit only. Where extra insurance is required for accidental damage kindly purchase additional cover here.

# We recommend this partnership approach with your Local Bike Shop as it helps to establish a local, professional contact for you. Having someone familiar with your bicycle locally helps with any minor adjustments/consumables in future. We will continue to provide support and spare parts for you of course, it’s just better to have someone on your doorstep who can check your bicycle (or fix a puncture!), if you aren’t based in London.

If your Local Bike Shop is not familiar with the bicycle/item(s) you’ve chosen, this introduction may also provide them the incentive to become an Approved Dealer for that brand in future. This is good for everyone!

Don’t be shy: it’s your bicycle & you already know how you like to ride, so tell us so we can set it up just how you like it!