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Leftfield Bikes: Riding, Re-invented

Whatever your requirements may be, we deliver all bikes in person to your home or office, then tune them with you to match your individual riding style and comfort free of charge. We will also design and build your dream machine, entirely bespoke. Whatever your request, do get in touch!

Why Choose Us?

  • Free delivery to your home or office #
  • Free, personalised set-up of all bikes
  • Free first service
  • Free and impartial bike buying advice
  • Mobile mechanics, to keep your bike in perfect working order

‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme ©

Once you have chosen your items, select your Provider in our Checkout. Enter your details and you’re good to go!

Introducing Yuba’s Kombi

The Yuba Kombi is a Family Cargo Bike capable of the carrying three kids on the school run for less than a thousand pounds. Need we say more?

Oh, it’s also available in both yellow and blue and yes, it is compatable with Yuba’s extensive range of accessories so you can tweak it every whichway!

Kona 2020 Models are here!

The new range of Kona Bikes for 2020 are available from today! There is plenty to choose from, with a some surprises in the pipeline too… we will update these pages as each new model is available

Kona Rove 2020

The 2020 Kona Rove comes with high praise! From flat out on the road, to gravel tracks and compliance with the Cycle to Work Scheme, it is right up there amongst our favourites!

Cycle Satiator: Programmable Universal Battery Charger

Offering a fully customisable interface, Grin Technologies’ Cycle Satiator is the perfect blend of rapid charger, overnight charger and mobile multi-battery manager all rolled in to one. It can deliver a tidy 5A at 72V too!

Create up to 20 different profiles to suit your needs. Optimising your overnight charge cycle to 80% of capacity at less than the normal 2A can extend the lifespan of your eBike batteries significantly, keeping them working safely and reliably for years to come.

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Arise Sur-Ron: a new breed of Motocross

Riding at over 45Mph offroad with litle more than the sound of the terrain and the wind to gauge your speed and traction levels, is both an exhilarating and multi-sensory experience. You won’t have much time to read the display when you unleash the full 6,000 Watts of peak power!

“Sur-ron LBX electric cross-over is a winner”
MCN News Editor, Jordan Gibbons

What makes the Sur-Ron LBX series particularly interesting, is that you can also ride them on the road: we offer a fully street-legal model with a standard British number plate. This is classified as ‘L1E’, exempt from both VED and London’s Congestion Charge (with a regular bike license). The new LBX RS Edition is also available for offroad, featuring RockShox Boxxer forks upfront.

i300: Zapp Scooter

Accelerating beyond 30Mph in well under 2.5 seconds is just the first of the i300’s defining characteristics. It is also a very tidy commuter scooter, which just happens to put out a staggering 587Nm of torque: more than a top end Audi A6!

The i300 is eligible for the Plug-in Motorcycle Grant (PiMG), exempt from VED and you can eject each 5Kg/5cm wide battery pack to charge them indoors from a regular 3-pin socket (providing 0-100% in 4 hours). With ABS as standard and 4-piston floating calipers, it also has the safety features to assure handling is within your grasp.

Furo X Series: Folding Carbon eBike

Looking for a daily commuter which you can carry onto a train without giving yourself a hernia and/or breaking the bank? Furo’s X Series are made from carbon fibre weighing-in at just 15kg and can go practically anywhere you can in a suit or skirt.

Full compliance with the newly unlimited Cycle to Work Scheme is complimented by sleek lines. The simple, central hinge allows for rapid folding and the motor is as fast and powerful as the law permits without a license.

Kona’s Remote Ctrl eMTB

This is the Remote Control we’ve all been waiting for: see how a battery and a few buttons can change your view of the world with the wind rushing through your hair.

It combines 30 years of Kona’s magic along with the best technology available, in one spanking new model designed expressly for having as much fun as can be. There really is nothing stopping you now, except for a full set of SRAM’s.

Those of us who have been riding eMTB’s for a while recognise the line Graham Agassiz is taking too: the fast one. The photo is from perhaps the most refreshing video to show what an electric bike is capable of too… it’s all about how much fun he’s having. Full-on riding, without compromise.

Introducing Yuba’s Supermarché Bosch

Taking the already extraordinary Supermarché to new heights was always going to be a tall order for Yuba, yet the inclusion of the top of the line Bosch Performance Line CX motor does just that. This is every bit as good as we hoped it could be.

It retains the format from the Classic model, whilst reworking the undercarriage to strengthen it to support the increased capabilities of the electric drivetrain. With room for four from the get-go, it is great for both families and shifting gear around town.

What we particularly like is that it can be adapted to suit a variety of different needs as time goes on. This is down to the frame itself being designed to accommodate everything from kids to kegs, which means you can pop an adult with a picnic up front and then scoot about too.

The photo shows the Bamboo Box (base and surround). There is also an ‘Open Loader’ which is a durable nylon surround with lightweight aluminium rails. It even looks fast!

Get Electrified: eBike Conversion Kit

Thinking about going electric and already have a great bike? One option is to upgrade the one you have. The advantages include the obvious: you already have a bike!

With 100Nm of torque and a 630Wh battery, the ETM’s specifications leave most of the electric bikes in production in 2019 a long way behind. More information is available here.

Babboe: Family Cargo Bikes with a twist

With over a decade supporting families from the Netherlands and beyond, Babboe’s new Carve series combine a tilting chassis with augmented cycling, to deliver a wholly capable package to suit all comers. They’re as easy as riding a bike, even with two kids, a dog and groceries on the way to/from work. Wonderful!

Aventon: Mataro Track in Midnight Blue

Looking for a track bike to get your heart pumping? The Mataro is set to get pulses racing… available in midnight blue and street-legal with brakes too.

eCargo Bike Grant Fund

The Department for Transport has made £2 million funding available for the acquisition of ecargo bikes, to support green last mile deliveries. This funding is available to limited companies, sole traders, partnerships, charities and not-for-profit organisations.

To apply for the eCargo Bike Grant Fund:
1, Choose from the approved eCargo bikes on this page and we will send you our official quote via email.
2, Register your application on EST’s website here, along with our quote.

Ducati TT Evo S

The TT Evo S marks a turning point in the evolution of the once simple bicycle: this is an augmented bike with it’s own identity. Designed primarily for off-road use, it can conquer anything you throw at it and keep you pushing harder and faster than ever before.

Whilst the best tech available is all included in the most slick package, it is all-but invisible too: everything is tucked neatly into the frame.

Best eMTB ever? We think so.

Yuba: Cargo Bikes With Gusto!

Cargo bikes require a magical blend of ability and fluidity, which can transform a utility vehicle into a lifestyle. Yuba’s 200kg approved weight limit takes on all comers, with or without the top of the line Bosch CX motor you can choose to go with it.

Four key models share the same values, with each one tailored to suit a slightly different riding style, with variations fine-tuned for all environments. At least three out of four will probably cater for everything you can think of. Have a look, they come highly recommended.

Kids, kegs and cargo on the front and/or the rear, up high, down low, long, short, there’s something for every rider between 145-200cm tall (4’7″-6’5″), including your family?

In partnership with TfL, The Mayor of London and the ACT, we are delighted to be part of London’s transport revolution!

With our best electric vehicles fully charged and raring to go, it is really exciting to see that our fellow Londoners are as keen as we are to embrace our digital bikes as much as we do.


Our focus is on families who wish to commute by bicycle. Smart clothes and even smarter technology without a slither of lycra in sight.

Just like any regular commute and school run, without the faff of trying to park a ton of tin and rubber along the way.

Sign up for a Demonstration here.


Ducati Bicycles: which one is your n+1?

Ducati has long been synonymous with fun! Yes, the magic ingredient in all bikes is the sheer pleasure of riding one. With a motor, without a motor, it’s often the the very freedom of the open road/trail/both which we seek.

With a variety of motor and battery combinations, the throttle is your feet: the more effort you put in, the more you get out of it. It’s like riding a bike, because it is a bike and you are riding it (with improved acceleration and scope as standard).

Ducati Bicycles are also available without motors and suit riders from about a year old and up.


Hövding’s Airbag Helmet

Having introduced the world’s first airbag helmet, Hövding has become a worldwide sensation! When Viral Thread’s clip went global, it gained over 150 million views and over 2 million shares in a matter of hours

Hövding has continued with numerous developments since their inception as a research project back in 2005. There are new washable covers and various internal and external improvements. What’s still extremely impressive is that you barely know you’re wearing it

Hövding is “8 times safer than helmets” Stanford University

Stanford University also found it offers “the best head and neck protection design”, far beyond the capabilities of conventional cycle helmets.

If you long to have the wind in your hair as you ride, it’s well worth having the extra protection Hövding offers. Would you wear one?

Hövding: wear it like a scarf

Even when it’s sub-zero out there, few people enjoy helmets. They’re often sweaty and uncomfortable, they ruin you hair…

…we’ve heard plenty of reasons why people won’t wear helmets. Yet Hövding’s airbag offends no-one. Funny that

Helmet hair be gone!

Chock-full of tech, this certainly impresses. It definitely starts conversations! You’ll be surprised how interested everyone becomes when they see you wear it (or your helmet-averse partner or offspring)

Stanford University proved that Hövding is “8 times safer than helmets”. Plus, they found it offers “the best head and neck protection design”. Smart

Hövding, easily the world’s coolest helmet

Cycle2Work Professional ©. What will you invest yours in?

Our ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme © works as follows:

1, Select your Provider in our Checkout

As of June 2019 the limit is now set by your Employer, so you can assign more than £1,000 and choose virtually every single bike and accessory we offer – including both electric bikes and electric cargo bikes!

You must be in full time employment and your annual salary must be at least £1 more than the current UK Minimum Wage plus the amount you wish to spend

Our quotes are non-binding: we will only begin to prepare your items once your authorising party has approved your application.

Terms and Conditions apply. Read more here.

Choose from a variety of bikes, locks and lights

A new bike and accessories with just one click? We thought you’d like it too! For more details, click here. Your budget: ask your Employer!

Each item we offer displays the appropriate C2WS compliance at the bottom.

CatEye Lights

CatEye SYNC & Kinect: smart lights for savvy commuters

Presents For Cyclists & FREE Delivery!

Few things divide opinion faster than bicycle safety gear. For many the rear light is the least important of bike lights, in part because it’s the one thing which doesn’t seem to contribute directly to your ride

Yet our lights are normally the first thing other road users will see. So what stops people investing in a decent set?

CatEye Volt 800: twice as bright as a 50W halogen spotlight

If the last time you bought a rear light was 2001, they’ve come a long way since then: with USB rechargeable Li-ion batteries and 180′ visibility, several are as bright as the lights on scooters

They make great gifts too! Especially for people who’d never buy them for themselves

Give the gift of light!

Hiplok Series: the last locks you’ll ever need to buy?

Locks are another of the things which most of us ignore… right up until someone nicks our pride and joy. If it’s happened to you, you’re probably still seething about it years later.

If someone in your family is about to get a new bicycle as a present, they may not have thought about how the lucky recipient will go about securing it.

The lighter the bike, the heavier the lock. Unofficially: 12kg combined

We recommend devoting at least 10% to cycle security. Hard to translate that in to a surprise gift or birthday/Christmas present, so maybe a caring sibling could gift it instead?

It’s tough to get excited about a good lock: hopefully, you’ll never need to know how good it is

Up to 42% off with Cycle2Work Professional ©

Looking for a bargain on the busiest shopping day of the year? Well, instead of chasing around for a slim deal on yesteryear’s aging stock: simply buy your items brand new with Cycle2Work Professional ©

Choose next year’s bike at this year’s prices, today

This offer is available all the year around, so you can relax and choose what you’d really like. Why miss out?

42%! 42%! 42%! 42%! (it’s ok, it’s not a typo!!!)

Beat Cyber Monday, Shrove Tuesday, Wobbly Wednesday, This Thursday, That Friday and so forth…

What and how to choose?

Whilst we’re based in the centre of Canary Wharf, London, UK, we will come to you by prior arrangement. Visits are ‘By Appointment Only‘, correspondence is welcome anytime. Tell us how you like to ride and we’ll recommend what we consider is appropriate for you. The more we know about what you plan to buy your next bike for, the better equipped we are to advise you.

Prefer your new bicycle to be set up with you at your home on a Saturday afternoon? Just ask!

# Orders within London’s M25 will be delivered free of charge, as will smaller items like t-shirts and mudguards. Larger items like bicycles will only be delivered further afield by prior arrangement.

Buying a bike in London? Looking for a specific brand?

Abus Locks, Bags & Helmets, Action Cameras, Airnimal, Airwheel, Ass Saver, AVE, Babboe, Bud Brake, CatEye, Centaur Cargo, Chike, conv-e (electric conversion kits), Dainese, Ducati Bicycles, 3E Electric, Electrolyte, EMX, Furo, FoldnFix, GobaX, GoCycle, HIPLOK, Hope, Intrepid Apparel, KCNC, KONA, KTM, MOBIKY, Magura, Mountain Trike, Muckynutz, NerveBikes, QuickFix, Rain-Wave, Saietta, Shimano, 6KU, Solex, Solowheel, Stealth, Strida, Sur-Ron, Super B Tools, Swift Folder, Visijax, VANMOOF, vanhawks, VIKS, Velocite, Vespertine NYC, Whackjob, YikeBike, Yuba

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What’s On Offer?

We offer the very best component parts and accessories, plus a variety of exotic bicycles on behalf of our clients. These include bikes designed for commuting and the school run, folding, racing and for you and the occasional guest, to potter about on.

We see electric bikes as ‘Transport‘: they are the perfect companion for all cycling commuters (on and off the road). What better addition to your existing bike collection, than something which is comfortable to get to work on, without breaking a sweat?

If you’d like to try before you buy, several models are available on request. Weekly sessions are in South West London and The City. All training is free and a security deposit is required. Click here for further information and to book your session with our team.

Can’t Find Something On The Site, Or Looking For A Recommendation?

We’ve listed the selection best suited to cycling in London and the Home Counties. If you are looking for something which isn’t listed, let us know and we’ll arrange it for you. We offer a very broad range of electric family cargo bikes, eMTB, road race, time trial, downhill, fixed gear and dirt jump bikes too. Each of these can be further customised to suit you and financed accordingly.

If you are new to bikes and would like to discuss what’s right for you, tell us. Once we’ve discussed your requirements, we will present you with a variety of options. We offer what we consider to be the best range of items available and our aim is simple: Happy Riders!

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