SUR-RON:  LBX Series


Sur-Ron’s LBX Dual Sport E Dirt Bike Series deliver more than 6,000 Watts of peak power with a top speed of over 45Mph. The lightweight forged aluminium frame houses a removable Lithium-ion battery pack with 176 Panasonic cells pushing out 60V 32A to the mid-mounted, air cooled motor. Models are available for both onroad or offroad use, with the appropriate specifications tweaked to comply with each environment. Weighing-in at a highly flickable 47kg with an onboard sine-wave controller and regenerative-braking, 4 piston hydraulic brakes can rein in the power at all speeds. These now come with titanium finish calipers and… Read more →


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Duro Razorback Tyre and Tube Pack (Set)

Duro Razorback Tyre and Tube Pack (Set)

The Duro Razorback is a great all-condition Downhill (DH), Free ride and all terrain tyre. It’s multi purpose tread pattern is ideal for riding in all off-road conditions and it is the tyre of choice for Bultaco, Sur-Ron and Stealth bikes. We recommend changing both the tyre and tube at once, so our pack contains one tyre and one inner tube. For multiple sets, select ‘Add to Cart’ then change the quantity in the Cart.

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