Airline Charges

Ever arrived at an airport only to find that the airline has hidden a fixed fee for taking your beloved bike in the hold? Well, you’re not alone!

Not content with limiting baggage allowances, many airlines charge exorbitant fees regardless of whether the weight of your bike-plus-luggage is below the set weight limit.

In partnership with Skyscanner we’re going to make life a little easier for all of us. Follow this link to the dedicated charges page, detailing the fees set out by operators for taking your bike on a plane:

Note that some operators expect you to bring your bike in either a bike bag, or a cardboard box. Most bike shops are happy to give you these for free, especially when they know that you’ll recycle it afterwards. Always let their air out of the tyres beforehand.

If you know of any other airlines who aren’t on this list, get in touch so we can add them!