Alta Motors: Redshift MX

Production timelapse

We’re huge fans of Alta Motors and have been very keen to offer the full range here in the UK ever since they went into production in late 2016.

Alta have nailed the perfect combo of a durable package with just enough flexibility to take the sort of a beating we all give our bikes when we’re pushing it beyond the limit our riding ability. You know, just like the bike you’re looking for!

With 50 Horsepower on tap from zero RPM and a total wet weight of under 117.5Kg, the Redshift MXR sets the pace. A similar format is shared across the range, with a Supermoto SM using a fair amount of the same core components.

Solid stuff!

Update: on 04/03/18 the Redshift MXR found it’s way into the latest episode of Top Gear!
If you have BBC iPlayer, click here to watch it!