Augmented Riding: infinitely more fun?

Evolution has gone hand in hand with humankind augmenting ourselves. We have progressed from a leaf to protect one’s modesty, to wearing skins and heavy shoes, the monocle, past air-filled trainers, to VR headsets and glasses, sub cutaneous sensors and beyond.

Bicycles have progressed too, yet vast swathes of society struggle to see augmented riding as a natural progression: taking what we have into overdrive and making it more fun in the process. ‘Hills and thrills’ perhaps?

Digital bikes are to the bicycle what digital watches are to their analogue/wind-up cousins: augmented by the very best of what technology can offer. We squeeze a whole lot more out of what is available. A wind up watch can be a beautiful object, yet whenever a touch screen is set up to simulate it, it loses it’s identity in the process. Embedded batteries replaced the simulated water bottles of yesteryear, with new frame designs embracing their new form with aplomb.

As the saying goes: as we walk our bikes run, as we run they sprint, as we sprint they transform into something only the augmented rider knows and we cannot explain it to you: you’ll need to experience it for yourself.

Oh, it’s also really, really good fun. That’s the bit which tends to be missed in reviews and as an industry, it is probably our greatest failing. The technology adds what cannot be taken away: as much of the the purest form of riding pleasure as you can handle (and plenty more besides).

What is the need to know? We are having more fun than you!