Credit Suisse, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), London to Paris Charity Bike Ride

Ismet Huseyin‘s KTM Strada 800 Speed.

When it comes to Sporting Triumphs we have had more than our fair share in the last 12 months. Gold and Olympic glory for Mo, Jess, Sir Chris et al, British Lions roaring Down Under, Victory for GB and sideburns with Sir Brad in the Tour de France and of course we’ll never forget that Wimbledon win for Andy – 77 years after Fred – expect to see a new T shirt range shortly !!

But none of these remarkable achievements come remotely close to the impending triumphs of the Credit Suisse CRES Team, who will be battling the elements and terrifying effects of years of inertia, to don Lycra, sit astride painful padding free saddles and force aching unused leg muscles (fat) to propel themselves over 3 days from CS Offices in One Cabot Square, London to the CS Offices in Avenue Kleber, Paris in late September.

“Why are you doing this?”, I hear you ask – well the crack (or should I call them creaky) team are focused on a single goal – to raise as much money for our Charity of the Year (The Children’s Hospital at Great Ormond Street or GOSH) and we’re prepared to ride through the pain to achieve it. I think we all appreciate how tragic things can and do happen to people, and it’s all the more poignant with Children – GOSH is a place that works tirelessly to alleviate and restore lives as well as the devastating sadness that accompanies tragedies. Help us to help them.

Training Update: To date many many miles of peloton training has been… missed – yes we have not made a single mile yet, but to be honest we have three full days to get that sorted out ! Over the coming weeks expect to hear more of our frankly ludicrous efforts, together with your chance to support us in achieving riding immortality. It’s all in a good cause and we promise you plenty of laughs and photos (seriously lycra looks highly impressive on a toned, fat free body!) – so please dig deep and sponsor the team or an individual rider.

The “crack” team: Nico, Ivan, Andy, Jeremy, Matt, Duncan, Seb, Chris, Simon, David, Steve, Jeff, Ismet, Staurt.

Support/Backup/Masseuse etc: Dean, Colin and Moe.