Dom Joly learns to ‘Be more dog’ for O2 Guru TV Unlocked

Dom Joly on the YikeBike Carbon for O2 Guru TV Unlocked, 26th of June 2013.

We were contacted by advertising agency VCCP to feature the YikeBike in a new campaign for O2 Gurus which went live this morning. Following a brief introduction to the YikeBike’s throttle control and correct seating position, Dom rode off immediately!

“Look at me! WOOHOO! This is the future! Bikes are so old skool!” Dom Joly.

Although it’s not in the frame (at 1:58), when he says to the cyclist that bicycles are ‘so last week buddy’, he’s riding one-handed with his left hand covering a highly theatrical yawn. Incredible skills considering he’d only been riding for ten minutes. Accordingly he joins the ranks of our most accomplished new riders. Dom Joly: We salute you!