Recreational bikes vary enormously.  At one end of the spectrum is the first simple bike which turned you into a cyclist and you can leave chained up occasionally.

At the other, ultralight carbon specials costing many thousands of pounds.  These bikes are the ones you take out for a ride, but don’t leave unattended.

Scroll down to find the type of riding you enjoy most, then follow the associated links to see the ranges on offer.

Whilst we have included our recommendations for riding in London and the Home Counties, we can also order-in any bicycle you have seen elsewhere (or on our suppliers’ websites).

Free Delivery, Set-up and Tuning
All complete bicycles
Too busy to queue for your bike? You’re not alone. Our solution? We come to you!

Leftfield Bikes are offering this unique service to our most discerning customers (within London’s M25, or further afield by arrangement).

Cycle to Work Scheme:
Leftfield Bikes offer the Cycle to Work Scheme to all full time employees.  For further information, click here.

Road Racing and Triathlon
Fast, light-weight and over here! We are offering the full range of KTM road racing bikes and Velocite complete road racing bicycles, frames and wheel-sets. With both carbon fibre and aluminium options, these specialist racing machines are built to go fast.

  • KTM (carbon/aluminium)
  • Velocite (carbon-only)
  • Complete road racing bicycles
  • Wheel-sets
  • Frame-only options

Dirt and Trails
Wheelies, stoppies, dirt and mud? Absolutely! We offer a superb range of bikes for all occasions and we are extremely pleased to be amongst the first teams to offer both KTM and Velocite here in the UK.

Our latest series of custom titanium XC frames will be released shortly. If you have any special requests do get in touch, as we are always open to suggestions and strive to build the bike you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Full custom titanium (frame-only)
  • Full custom titanium (ready to ride)

All-Electric Recreational
These are exciting modes of transport to keep alongside your weekend plaything.  Fun to use, even better to share!

  • Demonstrators of several models
  • Free training for the Solowheel and YikeBike.

All-Terrain Wheelchair
Mountain Trike
Who says anyone should miss out on the fun of open trails? The Mountain Trike is an award winning machine, capable of going practically anywhere a mountain bike can. It’s specifications include hydraulic brakes, one-handed operation and a component set you can maintain at any bike shop (including ours). Plus, you can sail through the mud and still keep your hands clean.

  • Demonstrators of key model