Re~Cycle: Bikes To Africa

Re~Cycle:  Bicycles For Africa

Re~Cycle’s mission is to collect unwanted bicycles and ship them to Africa.

Leftfield Bikes collect unused bicycles from all South West London addresses. These are then sent on to Re~Cycle.

All you need to do is to e-mail us the address where the bike is kept, plus your contact details and then we’ll collect it from you as soon as we can. Click here for our e-mail address.

If you have more than one bike and/or various spare parts, then that’s great too! All bicycles can be recycled, even if it means they're sometimes stripped for their components to complete other bikes. Vital parts include spare tyres, saddles, lightly-buckled wheels, old chains and so forth.

For the complete list of teams who also support the initiative, visit the main recycling page over at Bike Hub.

Bicycles Change Lives

Transport and development go hand-in-hand. Virtually everything traded, must be transported, and almost everyone needs wheels to get to work or school. Simple, affordable transport generates income opportunities in developing countries, as well as saving lots of time and back-breaking work.

In Britain, millions of bikes are thrown away or lie unused in sheds, whilst many people in Africa have no access to transport of any kind. People spend hours each day walking to collect water, firewood or to access health care, school and employment. A bicycle lightens this burden and dramatically improves their wellbeing as well as work and education opportunities helping to bring social change. A bicycle cuts travel time to a fraction and can carry passengers and heavy loads. Bikes give families the extra time to earn, learn and enjoy life.

Since Re~Cycle started shipping to Africa in 1998 the team have sent more than 100 container shipments and will reach 40,000 bikes sent before 2013!

To learn more about how you can contribute towards Re~Cycle’s efforts, click here.

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