Bosch: PowerPack Frame Battery Series


Bosch’s frame-mounted batteries offer capacities of 500Wh, 400Wh and 300Wh, with Anthracite or Platinum housings. They are lockable, interchangeable and can be charged either on or off your eBike.

Each of Bosch’s PowerPacks is capable of thousands of miles of regular use, however we advise the higher capacity models for most riders. The 500Wh model offers 25% more range than the 400Wh model, whilst being just 4% heavier, at 2.7kg.

The integrated battery management system ensures high mileage and long service life, without any memory effect or self-discharge. They also offer high energy density, at 190 Wh/kg.

Anthracite and Platinum housings are available


• Active Line
• Active Line Plus
• Performance Line
• Performance Line CX

For riders looking to increase the distance between charges, a dual-battery option is also available for some models. This requires a secondary wiring loop and we can upgrade several of our many Family Cargo Bikes this way.



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