CatEye: SYNC Set Core & Kinetic Front & Rear Light Set


CatEye’s SYNC Set is a smart lighting system which is managed from a single switch on the front light. You can add up to seven lights and even synchronise the flash timing of rear lights for improved visibility to other vehicles on the road, day or night.

To inform those behind you when you are slowing down, the onboard accelerometer enables burst mode automatically to provide 50 lumens of brightness per rear light. This does not require unsightly cabling across your bike either, it’s all integrated.

To set-up your lighting system with your individual preferences, simply open up the CatEyeSYNC™ app. It also allows you to monitor power levels and connectivity, so you can remain confident that your rear lights are powered-up and active as you ride. The “Find Me” mode helps to identify which of multiple lights needs charging, which is really neat.

Recharging the Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries is simple too: a Micro-USB cable is provided so you can top up any light from any conventional USB socket (USB 2.0, including battery packs). They have plenty of capacity, so most commuters can top-up weekly rather than daily.

SYNC Core:

Mode: Output, Runtime
High: 500 lumens, 2 hours
Middle: 150 lumens, 9 hours
Low: 100 lumens, 15 hours
Daytime HyperConstant: 500/100 lumens, 18 hours
Flashing: 100 lumens, 130 hours
Charging Time: 3-6 hours (USB 2.0)
Weight: 94g including Flextight bracket

SYNC Kinetic:

Mode: Output, Runtime
Kinetic: 50 lumen burst in all modes
High: 40 lumens, 1.5 hours
Low: 4 lumens, 15 hours
Flashing: 30 lumens, 50 hours
Group Ride: 40 lumens, 15 hours (low pulse)
Rapid: 50 lumens, 20 hours
Daytime HyperFlash: 50/50 lumens, 30 hours
Charging Time: 2.5 hours (USB 2.0)
Weight: 43g including band

The smartphone CatEyeSYNC™ app is required to pair the lights.




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