Damson: Headbones (Bluetooth Bone-Conducting Commuter Headphones)


Music and cycling go together, everyone know’s that! However, heavy commuter traffic can offer up subtle sounds which inform us of the mood of our fellow commuters. This can include simple things like drivers revving their engines and people arguing about traffic/driving/parking/fuel prices inside their cars, or pedestrians yapping on their phones. Difficult to hear when you have your favourite beats going strong!

So Damson developed a set of bone-conducting headphones to accommodate this very environment. They press onto your head just in front of your ears and the sounds vibrate towards your eardrums. Your ear canals remain open to the elements, so you can still hear all ambient sounds around you. Bluetooth connectivity means no cables to yank-on and they can handle phone calls too. Perfect.

In testing we found them to be like a soundtrack inside our minds. All the nuances of wind noise and chatter remains, as too does the ability to determine precisely where these sounds come from (very reassuring!). Meanwhile the music floats gracefully over the top, almost as if someone was riding beside you holding the music to your ears.

Amazingly, you’ll find yourself able to hold a conversation without needing to stop the music. This could be responding to a fellow commuter asking for directions at a traffic light, or a colleague approaching you at your desk.

For a more enclosed experience, they also have a dual-driver set-up: swap bone conduction (hearing everything around you), with the 3.5mm headphones (supplied), to block out external sound.

If you use them as a headset for your computer, then it’s possible to wear them around your neck and still hear the beeps of an incoming call. This may be preferable to putting them on just for a call, or wearing them all day long.


Options and Accessories:

Black Headbones


Driver type: Incisor diffusion Technology – Bone Conduction driver
Driver type 2: 3.5mm line out for standard headphones or earbuds (pair supplied)
Bluetooth: Version 3
APT-X: For high quality audio playback and low latency video support
Bluetooth range: Up to 10 metres (line of sight)
Water resistant: Rated to IPX5 (heavy rain shower or heavy sweating)
Battery type: Built in Lithium Ion rechargeable via micro USB (cable supplied)
Battery size: 320mAh
Playback time: Up to 8 hours through bone conduction, or over 20 with 3.5mm headphones
Standby time: Up to 300 hours (12 days)
Built-in microphone: For hands-free calls
Voice dial support: Double tap for Siri, Google Voice or Cortana voice support
Support two simultaneous connections: Yes
Auto switch for call answering: Yes
Frequency response: 50hz – 20,00hz
Cables: Micro USB for charging
Protective case: Glasses style case for protective storage
Weight: 80g
Warranty: One year.



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