Full Windsor: FoldnFix Mudguard


There’s no need to go rummaging around in the shed, because attaching a FoldnFix fender is a tool-free procedure. Just attach using it’s cable-ties and away you go.

The FoldnFix attaches down the seat tube, protecting your upper legs and backside. It’s origami design keeps it nice and rigid, allowing it to spring back when knocked, making it durable and resistant to breakage.

What bikes do the fenders work with?:
Both the Quickfix and Foldnfix fenders are designed to fit the majority of road and hybrid bicycles. They also work with some hard tail mountain bikes. They are designed for bikes with paired seat stays and side-pull brakes. Unfortunately, the fenders will not work on bikes with wishbone seat stays and centre-pull calliper brakes.

How durable are they?:
They’ve been tested thoroughly in all conditions. They’re able to be folded numerous times without deteriorating. They’re made from polypropylene plastic which is known for its great durability and ability to act as a living hinge. They’re also UV stable and are fine to leave outside – we recommend keeping them away from the dog, though.

The fenders are sustainably designed as all the materials used are readily recyclable and the packaging is made from recycled material. They also use very little energy to make as they are die cut instead of injection moulded, and all the off cuts are recycled at point of manufacture resulting in no by-product waste. They also weigh next to nothing (140g) and fold flat so are extremely efficient to ship.


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