Grin: Cycle Satiator Series


Grin’s Cycle Satitor is available in three versions which run on any 110-220V power supply, with output rated as 360 Watts at 24V/15A, 48V/8A or 72V/5A. These are compatible with a variety of battery types using interchangeable connectors, offering substantially more tuning ability and throughput than anything else in or outside a laboratory.

The programmable interface welcomes customisation for rapid charging, ultra-slow charging and everything in between. You can store up to 20 different charge profiles for different uses, then use one Satiator to manage multiple bikes and batteries. This helps both to preserve the lifespan of your battery and also to replace all your other chargers in one go.

You can tweak the charge cycle to top-out at 80% on a regular overnight charge, then fast charge to 100% periodically. This makes for a good mixture of leveling off the BMS with graduated top-up’s, which is much better for your battery than leaving it fully charged all of the time.

The UI also allows you to see how each charge cycle is progressing, along with a variety of different data in realtime. This can be managed onboard or via USB, extending your tuning options to your computer as well.

For those of us who love to know what’s going on ‘under the hood’ this is a must-have item for squeezing eBike battery technology to the very peak of it’s ability, whilst keeping the cells safe and useful for years to come.

With the casing both splashproof and mountable, you can keep the Satiator onboard too. This works well with Family Cargo Bikes, Rickshaws, Custom Builds and Hot Rods, where 1.06kg is a trivial weight increase on bikes weighing as much as 50 x that.

UL/CSA/EU Certified for Lithium, Lead, NiMH and NiCad batteries.


• Low Voltage Version: 24V/15A (12-28V Nominal Batteries)
• Standard Version: 48V/8A (24-52V Nominal Batteries, 63V/8A Max Output)
• High Voltage Version: 72V/5A (36-84V Nominal Batteries)
• 110-240V input
• 20 programmable charging profiles (low to high output, for slow to rapid charge)

Connectors available:

• XLR_Anderson_Satiator
• XLR_DC2.5
• XLR to Male XT60
• XLR to Female XT60
• XLR 3 to 4 Pin
• XLR_Rosenberg

Connectors are sold separately! Click here to see what is available.



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