Hiplok: ANKR Series


There are few better ways to secure your prize bicycle, than to attach it directly to planet earth! The most dependable of which is to use a Solid Secure Gold rated locking system, as is required by most reputable insurance companies. These typically comprise Chains and D-Locks, which then need to attach to something equally secure.

This is where Hiplok’s ANKR Series come in: a ‘ground anchor’ is attached to the concrete floor of a garage, or a solid wall with the 4 x secure fixings provided. Once installed, you slot your Hiplok E-DX/DX/equivalent through the slot and this covers the installation bolts so the unit cannot be removed.

The interior sleeve has been designed to fit snugly, whilst also being removable when disassembled so if you move house you can take the unit with you and reinstall it elsewhere (with a new fixing kit, available separately).


The ANKR is the Solid Gold Secure ground and wall anchor, which is ideal for Road Bikes, MTB’s/eMTB’s and Family Cargo Bikes locked via the Hiplok E-DX’s Chain and/or D-Lock. It can be installed directly into the concrete found in most garages, or to a sturdy wall.

ANKR Mini:

The ANKR Mini is a Compact Security Anchor, geared towards secondary and interior use, for eScooters, helmets and installing onto masonry or wood. You can slot a D-Lock or Z-Lock through the housing for temporary/semi-secure parking, rather than long term secure storage.


Prior to installation, please check that the spot you intend to use is sturdy: there is no point installing into soft, hollow or rotten brickwork! We also recommend parking-up and slotting all of your locks together prior to drilling, so that you can be 100% certain that you can reach everything before you mark-up your chosen installation point.


ANKR: White, Red or Black
ANKR Mini: Pink, Yellow or Black



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