Hiplok: DX Series (E-DX & DXXL)


Everyone who stores a bike outside must consider long term security options from the very beginning. Hiplok’s solution is the DX Series, with the Solid Secure Diamond and Gold ratings required by all reputable insurance companies

The idea is that you wrap the chain and D-Lock through/around both your bike and something solid, so it cannot be moved. For journeys when you don’t feel the need to carry the chain, you can leave it behind and use the D-Lock by itself

The DX is the Hiplok D-Lock featuring their patented CLIP + RIDE system to clip over a bag/strap or your belt. There is an optional bracket to attached to a bottle mount too. 3 coded replaceable keys are included, making it easy to share amongst family members

The DXXL and E-DX share the same D-Lock, with two different strengths/weights of chain.

E-DX Specifications:

The E-DX is a Solid Gold Secure Bike Lock, including the Hiplok DX D-Lock, high-security/medium-weight chain and featherweight Z-Lock for helmets
• Maximum Security Hiplok DX D-lock
• High Security Noose Chain
• Sold Secure Gold
• eBike/eCargo friendly
• 3 Coded Replaceable Keys
• Lifetime Warranty
• Weight: 3.5 Kg

Hiplok E-DX is suitable for securing bicycles and not too heavy to bring its chain with you when necessary

DXXL Specifications:

The DXXL is a Sold Secure Diamond Bike Lock, consisting of their maximum-security DX D-Lock and the heaviest-duty loop-end chain, built to withstand the toughest of attacks
• Maximum Security Hiplok DX D-lock
• Maximum Security Loop Chain
• Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond *
• Sold Secure Powered Cycle Gold *
• eBike/eCargo Bike friendly
• 3 Coded Replaceable Keys
• Lifetime Warranty
• Total weight 6.105kg

Hiplok DXXL is suitable for securing both bicycles and motorcycles, however the chain is also pretty heavy for a jolly around Richmond Park.



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