The R8 LED is Hope’s most powerful light: 3,000 lumens on max power!!! We could dwell on that figure for a bit, however it’s best categorised as ‘amazing’. In our own tests on the dirt, we found that we could remain as competitive as during the day. If it’s in the zone; you’ll see it. What more could you wish for? Oh, ‘looks’? Yes, it definitely has those too.

It’s eight LEDs work together to reduce shadows by softening them with it’s incredible ‘glow’. You can also raise it higher than a regular light to ensure that it illuminates low hanging tree branches as well, all without losing sight of the trail.

Of course, it can also power the District+ Rear Light from it’s battery, if you require it to. Just remember to turn it down a bit if you’re navigating between people! Alternatively, mount both batteries and use the District+’s battery pack for the ride home.

If you’re serious about riding hard at night, this is a very good investment!

Key Features

• Eight Cree XP-G2 LED’s generate a maximum power of 3,000 lumens (2,200 measured)
• Custom optics blend 4 x spot, 2 x diffused and 2 x elliptical lenses
• Two power sequences, each with three light levels allows users to maximise power or burntime
• Visual indication of power levels via illuminated switch
• Supplied with 6 cell ES (energy status) battery

“Turns night into day”

Tech Specs

• R8 LED Tech Specs >
• 3,000 lumens (2,200 measured)
• 6 power levels
• Quick bayonet fitting handlebar mount
• 7,800mAh ES Li-Ion battery pack with built in power gauge
• 2 hour burntime on full power
• Eight Cree XP-G2 LED’s
• Integrated thermal throttling prevents overheating
• Custom lens – four spot, two diffused and two elliptical beams
• Weight: Lamp 180g, total system 665g

Pack Contains:

R8 LED VISION, UK 1x 6 Cell *ES Battery*.


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