Notabag Reflective: High-Vis Bag4Life


The Notabag Reflective uses a high visibility reflective material for it’s outer shell, which responds to external light sources like vehicle headlights. Meanwhile, the inner portion comprises a storage slot similar to the tote bag you already use to take your groceries home.

Enter the Reflective Bag for Life: it’s tailored for cyclists!

Where it gets really clever is that the straps transform it from a carry bag to a backpack, so you can carry it in your hand inside a shop (whilst you load it up), then wear it on your back as you ride home.

It’s a collaboration with Bookman transforming a straightforward item aimed at daily use, for cyclists, joggers and commuters alike: why would anyone spend 5p for a plastic bag and then buy a high-vis too, when this handles both tasks in style?

Is it a bag, backpack or high-vis? It’s all three!

The number of plastic bags given out by just seven of the major supermarkets in England rose by 200 million in 2014 to exceed 7.6 billion, amounting to over 61,000 tonnes in total (BBC).

That’s 140 plastic bags per person per year, or 11.7 bags per person per month (weighing over 61,000 tonnes), down from an all-time peak of 12bn in 2006.

High-vis shopping

Plenty of London’s cyclists stash their high-vis away during the day and then shop for bit’s and bobs on their way home. Combine everything into one easy-to-carry, easy-to-store, easy-to-remember and easy-to-use item. What’s not to love?

#bag4life: one fan created a song (and dance) about it!



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